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New Product Alert: Advasorb® DHA

Good news: Quality of Life now has a superior DHA supplement! DHA is an essential omega fatty acid that supports your health in many ways. The importance of DHA cannot be understated. Most DHA supplements on the market do not absorb well and provide far fewer health benefits than they claim. 


Advasorb® DHA is our premium DHA supplement that is highly bioavailable and fast-acting in your body.* We use the best sources for DHA fish oil to ensure you reap all of the health benefits possible from your DHA supplement.* With Advasorb® DHA in your daily regimen, you can boost your health and protect your nervous system.*

The Benefits of DHA

DHA is derived from fish oil and provides a wide range of health benefits. Many pregnant women take DHA supplements to support their growing baby’s development. Our bodies make minimal quantities of DHA on their own, but supplementing is essential too. So what exactly are the health benefits of DHA?

Prenatal Health

DHA is a vital compound during pregnancy. It helps develop the baby’s eyes, nerves, and brain tissue.* Research has shown that supplementing DHA during pregnancy leads to better cognitive function in the child’s first year of life than that seen in children of mothers who did not supplement DHA.* DHA during pregnancy also supports better vision and full-term births.*


DHA can potentially be preventative against neurological deficits early in life.* This compound helps form the baby’s brain matter and increases important neurological connections.*


Furthermore, children of mothers who continue to supplement DHA during breastfeeding show improved cognition and thinking skills.* Overall, pregnant women and their children benefit immensely from supplementing DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding.*

Brain Health

DHA supports healthy cognition in adults.* Some studies have suggested that DHA can reduce cognitive impairment during old age.* While DHA is not a cure for cognitive conditions, it can stimulate healthy neurological functioning.*


The use of DHA has also shown improvements in memory, critical thinking, and mood. Adults with low moods may benefit from taking daily DHA supplements to boost mood and support positive thinking.* Fatty acids are essential for mental health and mood, so this comes as no surprise. 

Heart Health

People with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure might benefit from DHA supplementation.* This essential omega-3 fatty acid supports heart health by decreasing blood thickness and promoting regular heart rhythms.* DHA works to break down bad cholesterol in the bloodstream and improve overall heart health.*

Advasorb® DHA Ingredients

Advasorb® DHA contains premium fish oils from caviar and fresh fish.* Most DHA supplements use ethyl ester forms of DHA. These are less useful in the body and do not provide the full benefit of DHA. Our DHA supplement is potent and absorbs quickly, making it potentially more healthful than other DHA supplements.*

Herring Caviar Oil

We use a specific form of herring caviar oil in Advasorb® DHA. This caviar oil contains a large amount of DHA and absorbs efficiently into your body.* Herring caviar oil contains phospholipid-bound DHA, which absorbs into cells quicker than any other form of DHA.* 


Advasorb® DHA contains responsibly-sourced compounds that support the Norwegian population and minimize environmental damage. Our herring caviar oil comes from Norwegian fish that many humans consume. 

rTG Fish Oil

Re-esterified triglyceride (rTG) fish oil provides triglyceride-based DHA. The triglyceride form of DHA is also bioavailable and easily absorbed into the body.* When you eat fish, you directly consume triglyceride-based DHA. Advasorb® DHA mimics nature by providing the same DHA you get from consuming fish directly.* 


In other DHA supplements, the DHA has to be converted into triglyceride form when it enters your body. Since it doesn’t require conversion, Advasorb® DHA is more effective than some other DHA supplements.* 

The Advantages of Advasorb® DHA 

DHA is an essential compound for adults to supplement. What makes Advasorb® DHA superior to other DHA supplements? The answers are numerous. Advasorb® DHA is a unique DHA supplement given its science-based sourcing and bioavailable components.*

Highly Bioavailable

Advasorb® DHA is more bioavailable than other forms of this compound.* It is derived from herring caviar oil and rTG premium fish oil.* These sources contain the triglyceride form of DHA, which is easily processed by the body and absorbed for maximum benefit.*


Advasorb® DHA also contains phospholipid-based DHA, which is twice as bioavailable as the triglyceride form.* With both of these forms of DHA in one supplement, you are getting the highest absorption rate out of any DHA supplement on the market.* 

Ethical Sourcing

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are consuming ethical DHA supplements. Some DHA supplements are sourced using damaging practices and contribute to overfishing. Advasorb® DHA uses only the finest ingredients to give back to the environment and vulnerable populations.*

Backed By Science

At Quality of Life, we use supplement ingredients based on scientific research and clinical studies.* Our supplements are backed by science, ensuring they are effective.* If you want to know that your DHA supplement is going to provide all of the potential health benefits it can, Advasorb® DHA is the supplement for you.*

Quality of Life Premium DHA Supplement

Support your brain, eye, and nerve health with Advasorb® DHA.* Pregnant or breastfeeding women can benefit from supplementing DHA as it promotes infant development.* DHA’s health effects extend beyond pregnancy into childhood and adult life as well. 


Advasorb® DHA protects your cognitive ability and supports healthy nervous system function.* If you want to remain healthy, youthful, and sharp, Advasorb® DHA is a great supplement option for you.* No matter what age you are, you can protect your eye and brain health using Advasorb® DHA.* 


At Quality of Life, we use natural ingredients to support your health and well-being. Advasorb® DHA can improve your performance, thinking, and prenatal health in all stages of life.* Pick up a bottle of Advasorb® DHA today for healthier brain tissue, eyes, and nerves!*


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