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Overcome Your Negative Mood

December 09, 2019

Overcome Your Negative Mood

Consider this sobering statistic: depression and anxiety are complex disorders affecting nearly 20 percent of adults. Insomnia often accompanies these conditions.

Ahhh, the pace of modern life! Studies show that nearly one in 10 adults experience a mood disorder in any given year. Mood changes that range from mild to severe can occur for no apparent external cause and can last hours or days.  

Positive moods can heighten creative problem solving and thinking skills. Negative, so-called blue moods, can impair judgment, distort one’s perception of events, and interfere with the ability to function. Moreover, low feelings can start a cycle of stirring up occasional stress that, in turn, disrupts restorative sleep, and further deteriorates spirit.

QOL Positelle™ is a mood supporter with well-researched natural ingredients that address this triad of issues and bring gratifying relief:

  • Safely uplift mood.
  • Promote feelings of calmness and alleviate occasional stress.
  • Encourage restful, deeper sleep.

Positelle is different from other supplements that support mood. Its five principal ingredients work synergistically. Studies show the combination of highly bioavailable folate and vitamin D significantly helps alleviate blue feelings.

  • Folate. This B-vitamin is essential for cell production and metabolism. While naturally present in many foods, much of the population can’t absorb folic acid from food or supplements. A shortage of folate is shown to cause a low mood. Our formula uses Quatrefolic®, a proprietary form of folate that is absorbed in the small intestine and results in higher folate uptake.
  • Vitamin D3. Seventy percent of the population doesn’t carry enough vitamin D in their bodies. Vitamin D3 is more bioavailable than vitamin D2. This essential vitamin strengthens bone by helping absorb calcium, aids immunity function, protects the prostate, and boosts brain chemicals that support a positive mood.

Herbs and essential oils comprise the balance of this formula.

  • Rhodiola rosea. This Arctic herb extract supports positive mood by helping the body adapt to stressors and increasing levels of essential neurotransmitters including norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin,
  • Lavender Oil. A distilled essential oil originating from lavender plants helps to reduce feelings of everyday tension and supports better, more restorative sleep.

Traditional ancient herbs and botanicals like dogbane, aka Apocynum venetum, were first described in Chinese herbal medicine books of the 15th century to treat depression and hypertension. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and Chinese pharmacology now labels this extract suited for soothing nerves, clearing inflammation, and treating insomnia, among its observations.

  • Venetron® is a patented and purified botanical extract of the Chinese herb Apocynum venetum. Double-blind clinical trials show It can support a positive mood and improve sleep quality. Venetron shows good potential as a dietary ingredient to help occasional mood challenges.

Benefits of Venetron:

  • Shown to improve serotonin levels, a marker of mood health
  • Rich in flavonoid bioactive compounds like St. John’s wort
  • An absence of side effects when used with conventional pharmaceuticals
  • Helps lower blood pressure, restore calm, and ease anxiety
  • Improved insomnia and effected deeper sleep cycles
  • Shown to have antidepressant activity
QOL Positelle™ is a robust, holistic solution to promote a positive mood, alleviate occasional stress, and encourage more restful sleep. Equalize the mood triangle to restore balance and help your best self emerge again.

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