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The 6 Healthiest Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 05, 2021

The 6 Healthiest Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is naturally all about our beloved mommies. They cared and raised us to be who we are today. While not every mom does it perfectly, they all try the best that they can and that should be enough for a lot of people. 
To show our love and support for our moms, why not give them something good for Mother’s Day? And to keep it in line with recent events, perhaps a gift for their health would be the best.
If you’re looking for health mommy gift ideas, we wrote up a list just for you.

The 6 Best Healthy Gifts For Mother’s Day

1.    Curcumin-SR™ for Immune and Joint Health*

features the active constituent of turmeric, one of the most promising ingredients for promoting a healthy inflammation response.* A strong yet measured inflammation response is needed to successfully handle an immune challenge.*

2.    Allerfin® For Seasonal Discomforts

Changing seasons can make one feel out of place due to how it affects their health. To help our moms have a comfortable change of season, give them Allerfin®.

Allerfin® can protect our moms from seasonal discomfort by supporting the sinuses, the lungs, and their eyes. These are the parts of the body that suffer the most from changing seasons, so it always helps to have a formula designed to boost mom’s defenses against it.

3.    Oligonol® for Healthy Aging

Age may be just a number, but the human body grows old. Our moms spent a good chunk of their prime to raise us, so the hard work they did may be starting to show especially now with stressful recent events.

Oligonol® can help our moms not only improve the signs of aging, but also boost blood oxygen and circulation. It also helps the body respond to inflammation in a healthier manner. She will have younger-looking skin and a healthier body overall with Oligonol®.

The Trust Your Gut Bundle

Our gut is at the center of everything related to immunity, mood, and even beauty. If you’re looking for the best way to give dear old mommy a gift of health, look no further than our very own Trust Your Gut Bundle.
The Trust Your Gut Bundle is equipped with three products known to help boost gut health and digestion. These are:
  • ProBioPure™ - Our top-rated probiotic supplement.
  • Peptisol® - A supplement that helps the body digest food better, reducing risks of problems associated with indigestion.
  • Deodorex® - Is more than just the best anti-odor supplement out there. It’s also a kidney health booster.

5.    A Month’s Supply of Yogurt

Yogurt contains probiotics, microorganisms known to help keep our gut health in optimal condition. Optimal gut health translates to a strong immune system, positive mood, and better overall wellbeing. So, why not surprise them with a month’s supply of this amazing probiotic food?

6.    A healthy meal you cooked yourself

At the end of the day, it’s always the thought that counts. However, what if you put your thoughts into actions? One of the best ways is to cook a healthy meal for them the whole day! They’ve cooked for us our entire lives, so might as well be the health chef for the day this Mother’s Day!


Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated days every year, and we all must do our best for this one special day dedicated to our dear moms. You can always buy them a bag, shoes, or a spa session, but given recent events, it would be thoughtful to invest in supplements that can boost their immune system. We have an array of immune-strengthening supplements available, which can help keep your mom safe and healthy.

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