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What is AHCC RX - And Why You Should Try It!

At Quality of Life, we base our product development on the latest information in science and research. Our premium AHCC® supplements help boost immune health, increase defense cells' activity, and help maintain optimal cell levels.* AHCC® RX is one of our advanced supplements in the AHCC® line. 


AHCC® RX is more potent than our other AHCC® supplements. Research suggests that AHCC helps improve your immune function.* When you take AHCC® as directed, you are helping your body defend itself against harmful outsiders.* 

Mushroom Extract 

AHCC® RX is effective because of the main active ingredient: AHCC. AHCC is made from the mycelia of special mushrooms; the mycelia is another word for the mushroom roots! We extract cultures from the mycelia to incorporate into this immune-boosting supplement.* The low molecular weight of AHCC® mushroom extract boosts its efficacy in the human body. 


Over 30 clinical studies have shown AHCC® mushroom extract to be effective for immune system activation.* Some of the most established educational institutions have studied AHCC®, with promising results. 

Immune System Activity

AHCC® RX acts on your body's immune system to provide an extra boost to your immune cells.* This causes your immune activity to increase before there is a threat to your health.* There are numerous types of cells involved in your immune system defense. 

Natural Killer Cells

Natural Killer cells, otherwise known as NK cells, are crucial to your immune system function. They target harmful invaders that could pose a threat to your body. AHCC® RX boosts the activity of NK cells.* The supplement helps your immune system thrive by maintaining optimal levels of NK cell activity.* 


Cytokines are proteins that your immune cells release when your immune system needs to respond to a threat. There are different types of cytokines, but they all serve a significant purpose: communicating with immune system cells. They spread information about what is going on in your body to prepare your immune response. 


Our AHCC® RX supplement helps your body produce cytokines for better chemical messaging within your immune system.* This means that your immune cells will have a better chance at protecting your body with the increased communication via cytokines.* 


T-cells are another vital part of your immune system. They actively defend your body against specific threats. When these T-cells form, they fight against specific antigens that enter your bloodstream to help keep your body healthy. 


AHCC® RX promotes optimal T-cell levels and activity within your immune system.* This supplement kickstarts the production of T-cells so that your immune system is prepared to fight off threats to your health.* T-cells are central components of your immune system, so AHCC® RX serves as an essential catalyst within your body.* 


Macrophages are immune cells that help to identify and facilitate a response towards threats to your health. They allow you to mount a proper inflammatory response and defense mechanisms in your immune system. Macrophages are essential for your immune system to function cohesively. 


AHCC® RX serves to promote optimal macrophage activity.* This means that AHCC® RX facilitates a healthy immune response by activating macrophages when they are needed (or even before).* 

Dendritic Cells

Dendritic cells work closely with T-cells in your immune system. They bring the specific foreign particles to the correct T-cells, helping with threat identification and destruction. The more dendritic cells you have, the better your immune system can function.* 


AHCC® RX increases the number of dendritic cells circulating in your immune system.* This helps your immune system properly attack foreign bodies in your bloodstream.* AHCC® RX promotes the optimal number and activity of the dendritic cells in your immune system, which helps protect your overall health.* 

AHCC® RX Efficacy

Due to the potent nature of our AHCC® RX supplement, it is more effective at increasing immune system activity.* The value of AHCC® RX does not diminish over time; your body will process it effectively even if you have been taking it for a long time.* A ten-year study showed that AHCC® did not lose its efficacy during the entire period.* 


Additionally, reputable research agencies such as large Ivy League institutions have studied the efficacy of AHCC® as an active ingredient in supplements.* There are over 30 clinical studies that show positive results after using AHCC®-based substances to promote immune health.* Overall, the consensus for the benefits of AHCC® is positive. 

Positive Results

AHCC® RX is a well-loved supplement that our customers have expressed great appreciation for. We receive positive feedback regularly about the immune defense that this supplement provides.* Some customers say that AHCC® RX is their go-to immune system boost during seasons with compromised health conditions.* 


AHCC® RX is well-absorbed by the body, especially in this high concentration.* If you have been taking AHCC® supplements for a while, our AHCC® RX supplement may be right for you. It can take your immune system defense to a whole new level by packing a more potent punch.*

Quality of Life Immune Defense

With our AHCC® RX supplements, you can protect your health during vulnerable seasons.* The holidays are coming up, and we want to help you make sure that you can participate with complete joy and health. 


At Quality of Life, we are dedicated to helping you improve your health with convenience. You may not have time to spend countless hours curating the perfect meal plan or exercise schedule, but simply taking a supplement can go a long way toward improving your health. That is why we are so passionate about our AHCC® RX supplements; we can provide you with a solid immune system defense in times of health vulnerability.*


AHCC® RX soft gels are great immune support supplements that give you peace of mind and live healthfully.* You do not have to worry this holiday season. Take advantage of our AHCC® RX supplements today!* Do not hesitate to take the right step for your health; your immune system will thank you.

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