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What Is DHA? Why Everyone Needs This Supplement

May 06, 2022

What Is DHA? Why Everyone Needs This Supplement

Fish and other seafood contain many healthy nutrients, and DHA is one of the most important. DHA is important for your body tissues to stay healthy and function properly. 

Everyone should include a DHA supplement in their daily routine to optimize their health. However, it’s just as important to get the right forms of DHA from your supplement. Read on to learn more about DHA and why it is so important for your health. 

What Is DHA?

DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid. This omega-3 fatty acid is found in seafood, mainly cold-water fish like salmon and tuna. Seaweed is a good vegetarian source of DHA. Algae also contain some DHA, but not as much as fish.

Fish are good sources of healthy fats that balance your cardiovascular health. While too many saturated fats from your diet can lead to heart problems, the “good” fats help protect against cardiovascular issues. Eating low-mercury fish is a healthier alternative to consuming red meat. 

Most adults have trouble getting enough omega-3 fatty acids from their diets alone. Your body naturally produces small amounts of this essential fatty acid, but you need to supplement to get all of the health benefits. 

What Are the Health Benefits of DHA?

Getting enough DHA to stay healthy starts during pregnancy. Expecting mothers often take DHA supplements to assist with their baby’s development. Adults continue to need DHA to maintain healthy nervous systems and cognition. 

Some of the ways DHA improves your health may include the following:

  • Raises levels of “good” cholesterol*
  • Improves focus, memory, and concentration*
  • Supports healthy inflammatory responses*
  • Develops infant nerve, eye, and brain tissues*
  • Improves eye health*
  • Lowers blood pressure*
  • Supports your cardiovascular health*

These benefits can give you a better quality of life and long-term health. To ensure you get the full benefits of DHA, you should take a high-quality DHA supplement. That’s where Advasorb® DHA can help. 

Why Is Advasorb® DHA the Superior DHA Supplement?

Advasorb® DHA is our premium DHA supplement with two highly absorbable forms of this omega-3 fatty acid.* 

This supplement contains triglyceride-bound DHA and phospholipid-bound DHA. These forms of DHA are much more bioavailable than the traditional form found in many other supplements, ethyl ester DHA.* Your body can easily break down these compounds and build up your stores of DHA.

The two forms of DHA come from Romega® herring caviar oil and re-esterified triglycerides from premium fish oil. Advasorb® DHA uses both of these compounds to ensure your body absorbs plenty of DHA.* This formula is fast-acting and contains EPA, another healthy nutrient that your body needs.*

Most DHA supplements on the market are less effective than Advasorb® DHA because they are less bioavailable.* When you take a supplement, you want to get the maximum health benefits available. With that in mind, we created Advasorb® DHA to keep your DHA levels where they should be.

How Do I Add Advasorb® DHA to My Daily Routine?

Advasorb® DHA is a quick, easy solution to low DHA levels.* Whether you are an expecting mother or an adult interested in improving your health, you can easily add this supplement to your daily regimen. 

One serving contains two softgels. You should take the softgels with a meal during the day. You can choose the time of day that works best for you to take this supplement. 

Each bottle of Advasorb® DHA contains 60 softgels for a total 30-day supply. You can subscribe and save on this supplement with 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day delivery plans. You save 10% when you subscribe!

Are Advasorb® DHA Ingredients Ethically Sourced?

Yes. We source our herring caviar oil from the Norwegian coast. We work with the Marine Stewardship Council to choose fisheries that are certified. The meat of every fish goes back to the local townspeople for food. By purchasing Advasorb® DHA, you are supporting small local economies off the coast of Norway. 

Overfishing is a serious environmental problem in some areas of the world. We want to give back to the environment and small towns instead of contributing to overfishing. That is why we choose certified Norwegian fisheries that use ethical practices. 

The Norwegian coast is known for its pristine waters. You are getting the highest quality of caviar oil in Advasorb® DHA. Herring caviar oil is high in DHA compared to some other fish oils. Combined with the fact that it’s highly absorbable in your body, this supplement packs a healthy amount of DHA in every softgel.*

Can I Take Advasorb® DHA While Breastfeeding?

Advasorb® DHA is very beneficial for both mothers and babies.* When a mother takes DHA during breastfeeding, the nutrients pass to the baby. Children of mothers who breastfed while taking DHA have shown good health outcomes later in life. 

We always recommend talking to your physician before adding any supplement to your diet while breastfeeding. In general, DHA is considered safe and important for developing children’s health. There are many benefits to taking DHA while pregnant as well, since your baby’s organs and nerves are still developing. 

Where Can I Get Advasorb® DHA?

Advasorb® DHA is part of Quality of Life’s premium health supplement line. We have several supplements with bioavailable, beneficial ingredients.* Our products are backed by research and scientific evidence.* Some of the largest research institutions in the world have studied the ingredients we use.* 

Our supplements contain natural compounds that can help improve your health.* Whenever possible, we use plant-based ingredients and environmentally friendly practices. You can feel confident that you are purchasing the highest quality products from Quality of Life.

You can order Advasorb® DHA online as a one-time purchase or subscribe and save. A subscription will ensure you never run out of Advasorb® DHA, keeping your levels consistent and healthy. Subscriptions take the inconvenience out of purchasing supplements. 

Support healthy brain, eye, and nervous system development with our high-quality DHA supplement. You and your family’s health is priceless, and we are dedicated to helping you meet your daily supplement needs. Pick up a bottle of Advasorb® DHA today!

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