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What is Romega Caviar Oil?

At Quality of Life, we have recently released the highest-quality DHA supplement on the market.* Advasorb® DHA is much more bioavailable (which means it is more easily absorbed) than other mainstream DHA supplements.* This is due to the potent, fast-acting properties of Romega®, a type of caviar oil. 


Romega® could be beneficial to your health in many ways. Read on to find out about the amazing properties of Romega® and what it can do for you. 

What Is Romega®?

Romega® is an oil with high DHA content. DHA is a vital compound for brain, eye, and neurological health. Romega® is highly bioavailable, which allows your body to absorb more DHA than most other supplements.* 


What is Romega® made from? Romega® is extracted from the eggs of the Norwegian herring, a type of fish. This caviar oil provides health-boosting benefits that are hard to find anywhere else in nature.* 

What Makes Romega® So Effective?

You might be wondering why Romega® is the gold standard for DHA supplements. The DHA in Romega® is bound to phospholipids, which is twice as bioavailable as the commonly used triglyceride-bound DHA.* 


Most DHA supplements on the market do not use phospholipid-bound DHA, so very little of the essential nutrient gets absorbed into your body. 


We strive to create effective supplements that genuinely benefit your health. That is why we opt for Romega® in our premium DHA supplement.

Is Romega® Ethically Sourced?

Yes! Romega® is derived from Norwegian marine life right off the coast. The fish meat that is not used for Romega® goes into food production, providing Norwegian citizens with high-quality meals. You can rest assured that your premium DHA supplement gives back to local Norwegian economies. 


We are proud to support the fight against hunger and food shortages in Norway by using Romega® in our supplement. Environmental health extends to people worldwide, and we recognize that. Our mission is to reduce our environmental footprint while providing the best health supplements on the market.


The fisheries we use to obtain Romega® are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. This council aims to protect fish populations from overfishing and harmful environmental substances. All aspects of producing Romega® are highly ethical and environmentally friendly.

What Does Romega® Do for Your Body?

If you have never taken a DHA supplement before, you might wonder why it is necessary. The benefits of taking a bioavailable form of DHA, like ours, are essential for your organs. Pregnant women and their babies may benefit immensely from regular DHA supplements. 


Some of the critical functions of DHA in your body include:


  • Eye development*
  • Nerve tissue development*
  • Reduction of inflammatory responses* 
  • Improvement in circulation*
  • Memory improvement*
  • Increase in attention span*
  • Lower harmful cholesterol levels*
  • Lower triglyceride levels*


These are just a few of the health benefits that DHA potentially provides to your body.* The circulatory health benefits are fascinating because they are so expansive. If you can boost your circulatory health, neurological function, and vision with one supplement, why not invest in it?


When women are pregnant or nursing, their babies receive the DHA directly, aiding in significant neurological development.* Some studies have shown better vision and neurological outcomes in children whose mothers supplemented DHA during pregnancy.*


You should always consult a medical professional to verify that new supplements are safe for pregnancy, nursing, and children. However, DHA has shown many potential benefits and few adverse effects in all age groups.*

Is Romega® Really the Best Form of DHA?

Many people might question why our DHA supplement with Romega® is superior to other DHA supplements on the market. We offer Romega® because its patented herring caviar oil mixes with the water in your body. This allows your entire body to absorb far more of the DHA contents than non-water-soluble forms of DHA.*


Romega® is also ethically sourced, while many other DHA supplement ingredients are harmful to the environment.* Problems like overfishing, marine contamination, and deceptive ingredients are present in many mainstream DHA supplements.* 


Our high-quality DHA supplement gives back to small economies, is healthy for the environment, and does not contribute to overfishing.


Besides all of these amazing benefits of Romega®, it also gives you more value for your money. If you are going to spend money on a DHA supplement, you expect it to improve your health. Because Romega® is so easily absorbed into your body, you can rest assured that you get the best value from your Quality of Life DHA supplement.*

How Do I Find Romega®?

At Quality of Life, we produce premium health supplements with honest ingredient labels. 


Our Advasorb® DHA supplement contains Romega®. You can purchase Advasorb® straight from our online store. Other forms of caviar oil can be pretty expensive, so you benefit your health and your wallet when you buy Advasorb® DHA.


Advasorb® DHA is a universal supplement that may bring health benefits for people of most ages and lifestyles.* Whether you are just beginning your health journey or are well-seasoned in the world of supplements, we invite you to try Advasorb® DHA. 

Quality of Life Romega® Supplement

Romega® has shown enormous benefits to humans and animals alike in clinical studies.* Give your health the added boost of high-quality bioavailable DHA with our Romega®-infused supplement.* You can support the maintenance of your nervous system, eyes, liver, and other organs with this premium DHA supplement.* 


At Quality of Life, we only carry the finest quality supplements. These use research-based ingredients that have shown great outcomes in clinical trials.* We aim to improve the health of everyone in easy, convenient ways. Supplements from Quality of Life include quick and easy health boosters that could improve your quality of life.*


We are proud to offer the best DHA supplements on the market.* Don’t wait to invest in your neurological health.* You can protect your body and enjoy the convenience of a supplement at the same time. Pick up Advasorb® DHA today to support healthy nerves, eyes, and other body tissues.*

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