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Enhanced VitaPQQ®

Enhanced VitaPQQ® features PQQ — a newly discovered vitamin that protects the mitochondria — plus MicroActive® CoQ10-SR®.
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Why is it that as we age, we have more difficulty remembering simple things? The answer to that question has eluded scientists for years. But now, exciting new scientific evidence suggests that one of the main causes of mild memory problems associating with aging is damage to the mitochondria — the energy-generating “power plants” of the cells.

Enhanced VitaPQQ® with MicroActive® CoQ10-SR® features PQQ, a newly discovered vitamin that protects mitochondrial function and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, plus CoQ10, a coenzyme that provides mitochondria with fuel.*

MicroActive® CoQ10-SR® is a highly bioavailable form of CoQ10 that is universally absorbed and delivers sustained release over 24 hours, so blood levels remain high for a longer period of time compared to regular CoQ10. A double-blind human study found that the combination of PQQ + CoQ10 improves short-term memory and focus better than either ingredient alone.*

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