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Branched Chain Oligonol® (BCO)

Branched Chain Oligonol® (BCO) takes a two-pronged approach to enhancing muscle function and recovery.
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Recurring orders program

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About Ingredients:


Maximizing your training program and workouts requires key ingredients that will help your muscles perform better and recover faster. Branched Chain Oligonol® (BCO) is the only sports supplement that features Oligonol, the first low-molecular-weight polyphenol antioxidant derived from the antioxidant-rich lychee fruit. Most flavonoids (a type of polyphenol) are too large for the body to easily absorb them.

Oligonol was created specifically for maximum absorption and use by the body. BCO stands out among other sports nutrition products because it contains both Oligonol and an efficacious dose of instantized branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Oligonol:

  • Reduces exercise fatigue.*
  • Improves post-exercise recovery.*
  • Promotes healthy circulation.*  

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