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BetaPower® Oligonol®

If you want to get the most out of your workout and perform at your best, choose BetaPower® Oligonol® (BPO) as your pre-workout supplement.
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BPO is powered by two natural patented ingredients: BetaPower Betaine®, an extract of nitrate-rich beets, and Oligonol®, a lychee fruit extract. 

Together these ingredients help:

  • Increase muscle growth, strength, and power.* Betaine has been shown to improve workout force by 35% and power output by 20%.* 
  • Improve body composition.* Both Betaine and Oligonol were found to improve the ratio of body fat to lean body mass.*
  • Increase endurance and speeds recovery. Both ingredients allow you to work out for a longer period of time and recover faster.*
  • Increase sprinting power, with Betaine.* 
  • Enhance aerobic and anaerobic metabolism.*

BPO is a great tasting powder that can easily be mixed with water or juice to give you the pre-workout burst you need.* BPO does not contain any sugar, caffeine, or artificial ingredients.

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