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Collagen Capsules vs. Powder: Do you know which is better?

Collagen has been one of the hottest ingredients over the past few years. And for a good reason, collagen is a crucial component within your body, responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, aka stretchiness!

Collagen is found in your bones, muscles, blood and makes up three-quarters of your skin. Collagen accounts for a third of the protein in your body. 


Why is it important to supplement your body with collagen? 

As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it becomes harder for your body to produce more. Due to its prevalence in our body, collagen is not just beneficial but also essential. 

Most commonly, collagen supplements are known for their ability to improve the appearance of your skin. They do this by improving the elasticity and hydration of your skin, which produces a more youthful, healthy glow. But, research has shown that collagen supplements also support strong bones and healthy blood pressure.*


There are two main types of collagen supplements: powders or capsules. What's the difference and which is better? 


Powder collagen is loose and can be added to foods and drinks. Capsules are filled with collagen powder and can be easily swallowed like any other pill. When it comes to efficacy, you should look at the label. Make sure the supplement you choose includes a high-quality form of collagen and provides an appropriate ingredient dose. Should you choose a powder or capsules? That depends on your preference and how you wish to take the supplement. Here are some pros and cons for each:

Powder: This is the choice for you if you wish to eat collagen with your meal. You can add the powder to smoothies, coffee, or soups. Many people are less diligent about taking powder collagen because it is a more involved process. 

Capsules: If you want to simplify things, capsules are the choice for you! Also, some people do not enjoy the taste of collagen powder, so capsules are an easy way to avoid the unpleasant taste of unflavored collagen powder. 


Do you think collagen capsules could be right for you? Try Juvecol®


Why is Juvecol® the best option when choosing a collagen supplement? At Quality of Life, we believe the answer is simple, look at the label! 

Juvecol® is a superior collagen supplement that includes two other ingredients that further promote beautiful, healthy skin.*


Juvecol® offers an abundant source of collagen, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acid.*


What's in Juvecol®

BioCell Collagen: contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and chondroitin sulfate, three ingredients the body utilizes for healthy skin as well as healthy joints.*

Proteoglycans: critical components of the skin, bone, and cartilage. They are crucial for wound healing, skin repair, and increased 'toughness' against the skin-damaging effects of harmful substances.*


If you are looking for something better than just another collagen supplement, Juvecol® is for you. Find out how you can reach your skin goals by simply adding two capsules to your daily routine! 

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