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Earth Day - Why our Products are Earth-Friendly

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No matter how far we look up at the sky, the prospect of having a second home planet probably never arrive. But until that happens, we should all do our part to make sure our one and only Earth will last for future generations.

There are many ways to help our planet become a better, more sustainable place such as recycling, avoiding wastage, and by planting more trees. These may seem like individual commitments, but it’s also the same for those of us in the supplements industry.

Because we all want what is good for Mother Earth, we at Quality of Life have committed ourselves to only selling products made from unique and sustainable ingredients. In fact, some of our best products are made with unique ingredients.

1.   Oligonol®

Oligonol® is a proprietary blend sourced from lychee and green tea. Oligonol® helps with blood circulation, protects against free radical damage, and supports a healthy inflammation response. All these are critical for optimal immunity. *

2.   Deodorex®

Just like AHCC®, the main ingredient in Deodorex®, Champex, is sourced from a mushroom called champignon. Deodorex® helps the body remove toxic substances in the bloodstream that may be causing unpleasant body odor. What it basically does is support the kidneys which indirectly help “clean” our intestines as well as our blood. *

3.   Cartiflex®

Cartiflex®, one of our most popular collagen products, mostly used for joint health, is powered by three natural ingredients: Chicken collagen, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. These three can all be found in nature and are simply concentrated for maximum efficacy. *

The advantages of staying unique

Positive effects over side effects

You might say “aren’t our unique ingredients weaker than their synthetic counterparts?”

In many ways, that statement can be true. However, synthetic ingredients can be rather “too strong” or too potent even for a healthy human body. This can result in unwanted side effects and possible health problems with long term use.

By only opting for certain ingredients, we are making sure our products are safe for human consumption all the while not sacrificing product quality and efficacy.

Renewable sources

Unique ingredients often come at a hefty price and with good reason. It’s much more difficult to isolate and extract natural compounds than to simply combine a few synthetic powders. However, the higher price tag also means you are taking a product that only makes use of renewable ingredients, which goes a long way when it comes to preserving our planet for future generations.

Higher quality

It goes without saying that sourcing these ingredients means you must check for a lot of certificates and quality assurance tests before approving for use. This guarantees both safety and efficacy for our consumers.


We can all celebrate Earth Day in various ways. From reducing electricity consumption to simply not wasting food and water. For us in the supplement industry, we can choose to celebrate Earth Day every day by opting for ingredients that are not only unique and high quality, but also renewable and made with Mother Nature in mind.

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