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Find Out How Cartiquil Can Take Your Joint Health to the Next Level


We've all experienced painful or achy joints at some point or another. Whether it's a strain from doing chores, working out, or even just spending too much time in front of the computer, suffering from joint problems is not exclusive to anyone. However, joint health starts becoming increasingly more important as we age.

The key to long-term joint health is a healthy inflammatory response; the best way to promote a healthy inflammatory response is to take natural supplements. For this very reason, we recommend Cartiquil®.

What is Cartiquil®?

Cartiquil® is a supplement designed to promote healthy joints using ingredients that help your body have a healthy inflammatory response. The formula is designed to be absorbed fast, so it works quickly!

Taking Cartiquil® can help:

  • Provide joint comfort*
  • Protect existing cartilage*
  • Reduce future joint health problems*

Because of what Cartiquil® can do, we recommend it for those who want to take control of their joint and cartilage health!

What's inside Cartiquil®?

Cartiquil® contains three key ingredients known to be purely beneficial to our joints and cartilage. These are:

  • Meriva® CurcuminPhytosome: Meriva is perhaps the most popular curcumin brand in the market. When you ask for a good curcumin supplement, it's almost always Meriva and with good reason. It's been studied and especially cited for its bioavailability, thanks to its piperine blend. Piperine is the active compound in black pepper, and research shows piperine helps boost curcumin bioavailability more than ten times.*
    • Curcumin is naturally found in turmeric in small amounts, but the problem is the absorption rate. Curcumin is poorly absorbed as only about 50% survive the stomach acids. Meriva solved this by having a patented blend of piperine and curcumin extract.
    • Curcumin is a crucial part of any joint health formula due to how it's a potent ingredient when it comes to a healthy inflammatory response. Curcumin is credited by many health experts regarding its efficacy when it comes to anything related to an inflammatory response.
  • Celery Seed Extract: Celery contains at least 25 compounds known to help the body have a healthy inflammatory response. Some of its compounds can also help reduce some of the symptoms related to joint problems and other inflammatory conditions. *
  • Boswellia serrata as ApresFLEX: Boswellia has been found to help with a healthy inflammatory response, especially regarding symptoms including pain and swelling. Studies have also mentioned its efficacy in common joint problems, especially those related to aging. *


Our joints regularly take a beating without us noticing, but eventually, the body will let us know in many uncomfortable and unpleasant ways. If we want our joints to remain healthy, we have to take steps to get all the nutrients they need.

For the best joint health, we recommend Cartiquil®. Cartiquil® offers three key ingredients that can help the body strengthen our joints and recover from everyday wear and tear. *

Take control of your joint health with Cartiquil®!

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