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Improve Your Heart Health this New Year

Your heart is one of the most essential organs in your body. It supplies all of your other organs with blood that contains the oxygen and nutrients keeping you alive. Your heart health can take a turn for the worse if you have too many unhealthy habits. 


This New Year, make one of your resolutions to start caring for your precious heart. 

The Importance of Heart Health

Your heart is a vital source of oxygenated blood for your entire body. Problems with your heart health can lead to devastating consequences if neglected. The best way to prevent this is to practice preventative health with your heart. 


Without oxygenated blood, your body could not keep cells alive. This condition would lead to organ failure and, eventually, worse! Some heart problems weigh your body down over time, like blood pressure concerns, and these issues can lead to more severe consequences in the future. 


Your cells run on oxygen and other nutrients that circulate in your blood. Your heart is responsible for receiving and pumping out blood through your veins and arteries to keep a constant supply going. Poor heart health can interfere with your ability to live life to the fullest. 

Healthy Heart Habits

When it comes to protecting your heart health, there are many everyday habits you can improve on. Maintaining your heart health can be easy; if you take small steps to improve your lifestyle habits, the changes will not seem difficult. There are some simple swaps and protective actions you can employ to keep your heart in good health. 

Reduce Your Red Meat Intake

Processed red meats like bacon, sausage, and beef have significantly impacted heart health in long-term studies. The sodium in these processed foods elevates your blood pressure, and the levels of “bad” cholesterol outweigh the good. Numerous additives can be harmful to your overall health. 


Most major health organizations recommend consuming 1 to 2 servings of red meat per week to maintain optimal heart health. Try to opt for lean meats rather than high-fat processed cuts. 

Get Your Cardio In

The American Heart Association recommends that every person get about 150 minutes of moderate cardio-centered exercise each week. This amount can change depending on your fitness level and overall health. However, cardiovascular exercise is a great protective factor against poor heart health in the long run. 

Some examples of cardio exercises include:

  • Running
  • Fast walking
  • Dancing
  • Jumping jacks
  • Burpees

These are just a few options to help you meet your weekly cardio goal. You can experiment with the type of movement that feels natural and enjoyable for you. If you enjoy your workouts, you are more likely to stick to them each week.

Take Cholestequel™ Daily

Cholestequel™ is our premium heart health supplement that supports healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels.* This supplement is perfect for people who have levels of these vital heart health markers within the normal range. Cholestequel™ can help you maintain optimal levels and protect against free radical damage to your good cholesterol.* Just one tablet of Cholestequel™ a day can benefit your heart health.*

Supplement Astaxanthin 

Astaxanthin is a compound that fights against oxidative damage and protects against some signs of aging.* This compound is not usually absorbed well by your body in supplement form because of the way your body breaks it down. Astaxanthin-SR™ is a better supplement option to get your daily dose of Astaxanthin.*


Astaxanthin-SR™ is the Quality of Life patented Astaxanthin supplement. It is produced using special technology that breaks it into very fine particles. 


This pulverization allows your body to absorb Astaxanthin and reap the full range of benefits from it.* Astaxanthin-SR™ helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and boosts your immune system, further protecting your heart health.*

All About Cholestequel™

Cholestequel™ is formulated with a patented blend of probiotics that have been shown to support markers of heart health.* The probiotics dissolve cholesterol that circulates in your blood, thereby reducing the amount of “bad” cholesterol in your body.* 


This can improve heart health overall, as harmful cholesterol builds up in your arteries and can cause blockages. 


Cholestequel™ is made from natural ingredients and does not have the uncomfortable side effects that some heart health formulations cause.* It also helps keep your triglycerides at safe, healthy levels and promotes a healthy ratio of “good” cholesterol to “bad” cholesterol.* 


This premium heart supplement works best for those looking to maintain their good heart health status. 


Two human clinical studies have shown positive results from the patented probiotic blend found in our Cholestequel™ supplement.* The participants reported little or no side effects as a result of taking the probiotics.* This supplement is a safe, natural alternative to other heart health remedies.*

Support Your Heart Health with Quality of Life Supplements

As the New Year approaches, many people are focused on improving their health in some way. If you have great heart health and wish to maintain it, Cholestequel™ and Astaxanthin-SR™ are great options to help with this goal.* You can make your New Year’s resolution meaningful by centering it around your heart health. 


A healthy heart leads to a healthy body overall. When you are young and heart-healthy, it is essential to work to maintain that to avoid heart-related and age-related health problems. Now is the perfect time to take action to guard your health and defy potential issues in the future. 


At Quality of Life, we offer premium supplements to support various aspects of your health. This New Year, consider our heart health supplements as additions to your daily health regimen. It is never a bad idea to support your health and fuel your body with the beneficial compounds that it needs to thrive. 


Heart health supplements are convenient and require almost no effort to add to your daily routine. Protect your heart health this year with Quality of Life heart health 

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