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Learn About AHCC® Kinoko Pro!


Formerly known as AHCC® RX, this supplement is back and better than ever. AHCC® Kinoko Pro is our strongest immune-boosting blend of AHCC®.* 

For those who need to stay healthy and on the go, AHCC® Kinoko Pro is an essential daily supplement. This premium immune support supplement has the spotlight this month so that you can learn all about its amazing benefits.

All About AHCC®

AHCC® is a specialized, patented blend of medicinal mushroom roots, also known as mycelia. This specific blend of mycelia has been studied at several large institutions worldwide. The results of these studies are overwhelmingly positive, with most participants seeing increased immune system performance after taking AHCC® regularly.* 

AHCC® has a low molecular weight, making it much easier for your body to absorb.* The alpha-glucans in AHCC® make it function more effectively in your body.* AHCC® has been shown to increase the production of beneficial immune cells and regulate their activities for more immune support.* 

Regulates NK Cell Activity* 

Natural killer (NK) cells work to eliminate health threats by killing abnormal cells that enter your immune system. AHCC® regulates NK cell activity to keep a healthy balance between an overactive and underactive immune system.* This means your immune system will recognize and respond appropriately to health threats with NK cells.*

Stimulates Cytokine Production*

Cytokines are signal cells that communicate with other types of cells in your body. They let your immune system know when to neutralize a health threat or create an inflammatory response. These messenger cells are important for the cells in your immune system to work together effectively. 

AHCC® stimulates cytokine production, so there are more of these cells available.* Your immune system is then able to communicate effectively and produce healthy inflammatory responses.* 

Regulates T-Cell Activity*

AHCC® helps T-cells function properly in your immune system.* These cells are responsible for attacking foreign substances that threaten your health. They are trained to recognize specific foreign particles and continue to circulate until they find one. With AHCC® in your system, T-cells maintain optimal activity.* 

Without T-cells, your immune system wouldn’t be able to fight off foreign particles that cause health problems. Their activity allows you to thrive and stay healthy, even with potential health threats entering your system.

Promotes Optimal Macrophage Activity*

Macrophages are immune cells that destroy threatening foreign particles. They surround the particles and consume them to neutralize the threats. Macrophages also “clean up” damaged, dead, and improperly functioning cells. This helps with healing, fighting health threats, and staying in good general health. 

AHCC® promotes optimal macrophage activity.* This means that AHCC® regulates the important activities of macrophages to help your system stay free of damaged, worn-out cells and foreign particles.* 

Increases Number of Dendritic Cells*

Dendritic cells work closely with T-cells to help your immune system identify health threats. They bring foreign particles to the surface of T-cells and help them identify what the substances are. AHCC® increases the volume and activity of dendritic cells in your immune system.* This gives your body a better ability to recognize threats and defend itself.

AHCC® Kinoko Pro 

AHCC® Kinoko Pro delivers a strong immune boost to your system with each dose.* This is our most potent AHCC® supplement, with one 300-milligram softgel equal to one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®. 

For seasoned AHCC® users, people who get sick often, and those who work around health threats, AHCC® Kinoko Pro is the best supplement.

The reason AHCC® Kinoko Pro is so much stronger than our other two AHCC® supplements is that it uses a special form of AHCC® called AHCC® FD, a more concentrated dose of AHCC®. To pack a punch to potential health threats and boost your immune system, take AHCC® Kinoko Pro.* 

Long-Term Use

Some people worry that using AHCC® for too long will lower the effectiveness. This is not true. In human clinical studies, AHCC® remained just as effective over long periods of use.* The trial ran for ten years, so it’s safe to say you never have to worry about losing the immune-boosting benefits of AHCC®.* 

This supplement is a great addition to your daily routine and a convenient way to improve your health. In as little as a few seconds, you can protect your immune system and help defend your health.*

Mushroom Sensitivities

People who are sensitive to mushrooms often have reactions to the spores. The spores are at the top of the mushroom body, whereas AHCC® is made from the roots. 

A lot of people with mushroom sensitivities have taken AHCC® with no reaction.* However, it’s always best to consult your doctor before trying a new supplement, especially if you have any sensitivities.

How to Take AHCC® Kinoko Pro

It’s important to follow the instructions on the bottle when taking any supplement. The serving size for AHCC® Kinoko Pro is two softgels. You can take up to four softgels a day. 

Depending on the level of immune support you need, you can choose to use 2-4 softgels in one day. Take each serving of AHCC® Kinoko Pro with a meal, so it can better absorb into your body. 

Powerful Immune Support Supplements

At Quality of Life, we offer research-based products for those who want to boost their health.* AHCC® is a powerful immune-boosting ingredient that can protect your body from health threats.* This well-studied compound has shown promising results in multiple studies from prestigious research institutions.* 

You can trust that you are only getting the finest ingredients in Quality of Life supplements. We use natural ingredients that have been used in traditional healing medicine for thousands of years. Most of our supplements contain plant-based ingredients without synthetic components. We are dedicated to improving your health the natural way, without harsh chemicals and additives.* 

Don’t wait until your health is compromised to take care of your immune system. You never know what it might be up against. If you want to stay healthy year-round, pick up a bottle of AHCC® Kinoko Pro today!*

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