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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to celebrate the special bond you have with Mom. Mothers are hardworking and compassionate, and they deserve to enjoy good health. We have created the ultimate Quality of Life Mother’s Day gift guide with plenty of supplements that Mom can use to support her energy and health. Follow this guide for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts this year. 

Expecting Mothers

This one is for all of the mothers-to-be in your life who are currently pregnant. Whether this is her first pregnancy or she’s an experienced caregiver, she and her little one can benefit from a high-quality DHA supplement. Advasorb® DHA is our superior DHA supplement that contains nutrients that help babies develop healthily.*

There are many DHA supplements on the market. However, most of them contain forms of DHA that your body cannot fully absorb. Advasorb® DHA contains two highly bioavailable forms of DHA that can deliver maximum health benefits for both baby and mom.*

Advasorb® DHA

Advasorb® DHA contains DHA from two sources: Romega® caviar oil and rTG fish oil. 

Triglyceride-bound DHA is more available for your body to use than the ethyl ester form of DHA, which can be found in some other supplements. Phospholipid-bound DHA is even more bioavailable than the previously mentioned forms of DHA. 

Our Advasorb® DHA contains both of these forms. The re-esterified triglycerides (rTG) and phospholipid-bound DHA from the herring caviar oil blend together for a powerful DHA supplement.* 

This is what makes Advasorb® DHA a complete DHA supplement on the market.* 

Benefits of DHA for Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can support their babies' development by taking DHA supplements.* DHA has shown promising results in studies on prenatal and childhood development.* 

Some of the potential benefits of DHA include:

  • Improved heart health*
  • Support for brain, eye, and nerve development*
  • Support for healthy cognition*
  • Boosting mood*
  • Improved skin health*
  • Boosting immune systems*

Studies have shown that women who are breastfeeding can pass on these same health benefits to their children while taking DHA supplements.* Some children who received DHA supplementation this way showed improved outcomes later in childhood in the areas of physical and cognitive development compared to other children.

You can show your support to moms-to-be by giving them the best DHA supplement on the market.* Gift the expecting mother in your life Advasorb® DHA to support her baby’s development!*

Moms Who Can’t Take a Sick Day

Busy moms are always taking care of their children but may not have time to rest themselves. For these moms who don’t get to call out sick, AHCC® can boost their immune systems to help them stay healthy through the seasons.* AHCC® supplements come in three forms: AHCC® Platinum, AHCC® Gold, and AHCC® Pro.

AHCC® is a patented blend of medicinal mushroom roots that has shown improved health outcomes in clinical studies.* Participants experienced fewer acute health problems, and their immune systems performed better when supplementing with AHCC®.* When it comes to immune support, AHCC® is an effective, plant-based supplement that makes a fantastic gift for the mother in your life.* 

AHCC® Platinum

AHCC® Platinum is an immune-boosting supplement that contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule.* This is a medium-strength AHCC® supplement that can help your body maintain a strong immune system.*

AHCC® Gold

AHCC® Gold is our starter AHCC® supplement for beginners. Each capsule contains 500 milligrams of AHCC®. If a mom in your life usually stays in good health, she may only want a low level of immune protection. This supplement can help her body stay healthy and ready to go for her kids.* 


AHCC® Pro is the strongest AHCC® supplement we offer. One 300-milligram softgel of AHCC® Pro has the immune-boosting power of one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®. For moms who want a strong supplement to support their immune systems, AHCC® Pro is a powerful immune support supplement that can make a great gift.

On-the-Go Moms

Mothers who always have places to be and things to do might feel worn down frequently. Their joints and tendons are constantly working to support their busy bodies. For these mothers, Cartiflex® can support their joint health and mobility.* Cartiflex® is our premium joint-cushioning supplement that can help her move freely and smoothly throughout the day.* 


As people get older, the tissue between their joints starts to wear down. This can cause joint symptoms that result in a loss of mobility and cause discomfort. Cartiflex® contains the same type of collagen your body naturally produces to make cartilage.* Cartilage supports your joints and helps you maintain your range of motion. 

Cartiflex® also contains hyaluronic acid, a lubricating substance that helps your bones move smoothly over your cartilage.* After taking Cartiflex® consistently, the mother in your life may notice she can move around more easily and comfortably.* 

It’s important for mothers to feel included in their children’s activities. Give the gift of mobility and an active lifestyle with Cartiflex®.*

Give the Gift of Health for Mother’s Day

The mothers you know and love work hard to make sure everyone around them is happy and healthy. You can give back to them by supporting their health and wellness with Quality of Life premium health supplements. 

Our supplements are backed by science and research and are made from effective ingredients to boost your health.* Major academic institutions around the world have studied some of our supplements’ ingredients with positive outcomes. We source all of our ingredients ethically and are committed to transparency about what we produce. 

Moms go through a lot. Give the gift of high-quality supplements this Mother’s Day. She deserves to feel as wonderful on the outside as she is on the inside. 

We commend all of the mothers out there and wish you all a happy Mother’s Day this year. 


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