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Spotlight on the Immunity Insurance Bundle

When you suffer from immune challenges, your world can slightly slip out of sync. However, what if you never had to suffer? Although it sounds like something out of far-fetched science fiction fantasy, protection against the stresses and strains on the immune system is something that can be achieved.

Enter the Immunity Insurance Bundle. A three-piece bundle of effective and meticulously researched supplements, the Immunity Insurance bundle can give you that extra kick in helping you remain in tip-top condition throughout the year - not just during times when immune challenges are rampant.

So you may be wondering, what is included in the Immunity Insurance bundle? Good question!

Firstly... our immune health hero, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum!

The world's most researched specialty immune supplement, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum. Featured in over 30 human clinical trials and used in over 1,000 medical trials, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum is renowned for being a highly effective immune modulator. A biological response modifier, AHCC®, turns up the dial on your natural immune response while ensuring that no unnecessary stress or nasty side effects can impact your system. Maintaining equilibrium while acting effectively is what established AHCC® Kinoko Platinum as one of the world's leading 100% natural supplements for boosting immunity.

Unlike other immune modulators, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum is free of side effects. Quality of Life is proud to present an incredible safety profile for the supplement, backed by in vivo safety studies and 20 years of continued use. One of the biggest priorities of AHCC® is to create a gentle yet effective impact on the immune system. Having been utilized in a medical trial carried out by the Yale School of Medicine on elderly patients, results showed that the intake of AHCC® caused an exponential increase of white blood cells and protective proteins to fight against foreign toxins and boost the immune response.

Specific effects of AHCC® include:

• A 300-800% increase in the population of natural killer cells*
• A 200% increase of the production of T cells – white blood cells that act as the body's secondary immune response*
• A significant increase in the population of macrophages – white blood cells that ingest and engulf foreign antigens*
• A boost in the production of cytokines – chemical messengers that coordinate an immune response between white blood cells*
• The stimulation of the production of dendritic cells which provides defense in tissues exposed to the external environment.*

As Japan's highest-selling immune-supporting dietary supplement and the number one choice for immune supplements for thousands of people worldwide, AHCC® Kinoko Platinum is exactly what you need to promote a healthy immune response.

Second, Advasorb - Vitamin C

Have you been feeling run down lately? You might have a Vitamin C deficiency.

The most popular and best-selling vitamin supplement in the United States, Vitamin C, has been credited as the Holy Grail for stresses and strains on the immune system.

However, with the expense of regular supplements, potential side effects, increased time to become effective, and water-soluble nature that leads to daily excretion from the body, are you getting everything you need from your Vitamin C supplement?

Amplify the effects of your Vitamin C supplement with Advasorb Vitamin C. Featuring Pureway-C - a revolutionary vitamin C that outperforms all other forms - Advasorb allows better absorption and high retainment, while still being gentle on your immune system.

Compared to regular Vitamin C supplements, Pureway-C is rapidly absorbed and is retained by the body at levels 233% higher than other forms. Research studies conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine found that a single oral dose of Pureway-C raised blood levels of Vitamin C higher for 24 hours, in comparison to other forms of the vitamin.

Due to its water-soluble nature, regular Vitamin C is flushed out daily – often without being fully utilized by the body's cells. With the ingenious bioavailable formula, Advasorb Vitamin C with Pureway-C allows better absorption and retainment. As Vitamin C fuses with active lipid metabolites, the supplement enters the immune system rapidly, delivering more effective antioxidant activity, and protecting the body from toxins more efficiently.

Advasorb -Vitamin C is more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, better retained, and highly bioavailable, leading to the supplement working faster, staying longer, and leading to increased cellular concentration.

Finally, ProbioPure

No matter who you are, the unsettling rumblings of digestive upset can sometimes take you by surprise. However, the reason for those unpleasant feelings of constipation, diarrhea, and gas is pretty run-of-the-mill. Due to our world's fast pace, when we are too busy waging our daily war against immune challenges, we forget about our stomach. The reason for those uncomfortable gurgles of digestive upset is the lack of beneficial bacteria, or probiotics, lining your stomach issue.

Worry no more. Say hello to ProbioPure. Featuring Morinaga BB536 – a proprietary strain of Bifidobacterium longum developed by Japan's second-largest dairy company and the world's most effective strains of probiotic bacteria– Probiopure soothes your tummy troubles gently, quickly, and efficiently.

The ingredients in ProbioPure are 100% backed by human clinical trials and have shown to:

• Provide a natural defense against episodic digestive upsets*
• Improve the body's rate of beneficial bacteria*
• Decrease ammonia and putrefactive products in the gastrointestinal tract.*

Now you know the facts on our Immunity Insurance Bundle. When it comes to having a strong immune response, it’s better to be safe than sorry! How do you focus on immune health? Share the comments!

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