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Supplements for Women’s Health

March 02, 2020

Supplements for Women’s Health

You know how they say, 'Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus'? Well, this isn't too far off. Men and women have significant gender differences, so it makes sense that when it comes to treating our health, men and women need different things.

Sorry men, today we are talking about the supplements and vitamins for women's health.

Premenstrual tension syndrome, or commonly known as PMS, is something that most women will experience at least once in their lifetime. Unfortunately, PMS brings along many undesirable symptoms. Such as mood swings, bloating, breast pain, headaches, anxiety, joint pain, irritability, and many more. Although there is no total cure for PMS, it has been shown in clinical research that you can ease many of these symptoms with natural supplements and vitamins. 

We created a guide of vitamins and supplements that can help you get through that time of the month! Check it out:

Make B Vitamins, your best friend! These are essential for building amazing hormones. This Vitamin is essential to liver detoxification; if your liver gets bogged down, you will experience estrogen dominance. When estrogen becomes dominant, PMS symptoms emerge! B Vitamins also have been tied to easing menstrual cramps. If you experience high levels of stress at different times throughout the month, B complex can help! This is because B vitamins support adrenal health and healthy production of cortisol, which helps keep inflammation low, modulates stress, and prevents you from releasing all your sex hormones for survival.

NOTICE: steer clear of anything with folic acid! This is a cheap synthetic vitamin.  Instead, choose a B complex that contains a methylated or activated version of folate.

Magnesium, do you struggle from menstrual cramps? Magnesium can help! This is because it helps to lower prostaglandins. These are the hormone-like substances that are the cause of cramping. The more elevate that your levels of prostaglandins result in more painful menstrual cramps. Magnesium can also help support more restful sleep, a better mood, and proper hormone production.

Turmeric contains a constituent known as curcumin, which can reduce inflammation. Our natural estrogen, and synthetic estrogens, like those found in hormonal contraceptives, have an inflammatory effect in the body. When inflammation goes high, everything else spirals. Our cramps can become worse, our mood can tank, and it takes a toll on our adrenal glands. If your adrenal glands are working overtime due to inflammation, that's going to have a significant impact on your sex hormones, leading to a further hormonal imbalance.

A quality solution... Curcumin-SR from Quality of Life Labs! We use a unique form of curcumin that utilizes MicroActive technology. This unique technology micronized the curcumin allowing for it to be more readily absorbed by the body.

Probiotics, imbalances within your microbiome can lead to higher estrogen levels, which then results in a lot more PMS! Get a high- quality probiotic to improve the environment within your gut.

A quality solution... ProbioPure by Quality of Life! This unique probiotic features Morinaga BB536, which is one of the world's most researched and effective probiotic strains.

Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce menstrual cramps by reducing prostaglandins. If you are low in omega-3s or you have a higher level of pro-inflammatory omegas, then prostaglandins can rise and create painful menstrual cramps.

A Quality solution... QOL's Neptune Krill Oil. Like fish oil, Neptune Krill Oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA - however, it is even more effective. 

Rhodiola, when it comes to improving your mood, this root extract is just what you need! Rhodiola is an adaptogen, meaning that it helps your body adapt to stressors. It supports a positive mood by increasing levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters helping them cross the blood-brain barrier and decreasing MAO (monoamine oxidase), which degrades these chemicals.

A quality solution... Positelle is a supplement that combines Rhodiola, lavender oil, and folate the help support a positive mood, alleviate occasional stress and encourage restful sleep.*

Ladies, we hope this guide has been helpful. PMS can be challenging, but we got your back.

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