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Supplements You Need For Every Age Group

As we age, our bodies change. Naturally, this means that our nutritional needs will also change through every stage of life. The lifestyle you maintain today may not be what's healthy for you in 10 or 20 years. What's ideal for someone in their 20's may be lacking for someone in their 60's. It's essential to consider this as you put together a wellness practice that works for you in the now.

Keep reading for a brief overview of the varying nutritional needs of different age groups, so you can figure out what might be best for you.

In your 20s...

Your 20s can be considered a person's "prime." Twenty-somethings tend to be on the go constantly. Their main priorities are more energy and immune support to ensure they stay healthy even when spread thin.

Supplements you can take

Being super active means you are likely unable to fill your nutritional needs daily, which can negatively affect your health in the long run. For this, we recommend taking supplements like AHCC®-Kinoko Platinum and Oligonol. AHCC® is essential for making sure your immune system is up to speed. Oligonol promotes increased endurance, along with various other health benefits. Do you regularly exercise or do strenuous workouts? If yes, we also recommend taking Cartiquil, a supplement designed to help with a healthy inflammatory response while also promoting long-term joint health - so you can keep your joints feeling good now and as you age.

In your 30s…

Unfortunately, your metabolic rate starts to decline as early as your 30s. It's essential to make every effort to maintain your metabolic rate during these years. Your 30s is also the time for career growth and professional development. This is why Cognitive support is critical during these years.

Supplements you can take

To maintain your metabolism, we recommend Oligonol. Oligonol® has beneficial effects on metabolism. Studies have shown that Oligonol may regulate the production of particular hormones produced in the fat tissues to facilitate fat metabolism.* To make sure your brain is sharp, we recommend Cogni-Q. The lead ingredient in Cogni-Q™ (INM ®-176) comes from a unique subspecies of Angelica and has been clinically shown to protect the brain as we age.*

In your 40s…

It's essential to keep your heart, brain, and skin healthy; prioritizing omega-3 fatty acids is vital during these years.

Supplements you can take

For heart health, we recommend Ameal BP®. Ameal BP is a heart-healthy dietary supplement that contains the naturally derived, active ingredient AmealPeptide®. For healthy skin, choose our newest collagen supplement, Juvecol. Juvecol® is the only collagen product to provide collagen, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acid, making it the most complete collagen product on the market.*

When you're 55 +

For many people, this is when their bodies will start to show signs of wear and tear. Unfortunately, our bodies become more sensitive to the effects of physical activity and the food we eat.

For older adults, nutrition revolves around lowering sugar intake, possibly lowering calories per meal, and boosting amounts of specific vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and calcium for bone health. Women are encouraged to reduce their iron intake due to decreased losses postmenopause, while some men are asked to increase zinc intake to maintain testosterone levels.

The sources of nutrients also start to matter, as plant alternatives to protein, carbs, and fat are better for an older population. This is because they are easier to digest and metabolize while also containing other vital nutrients that can help with aging.

Supplements you can take

For older adults, we recommend supplements that can help facilitate a better aging experience. For men, we recommend Satisfide for sexual health and wellbeing and ProstaCell for prostate health. We suggest Yellow and Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR to help your body mount a healthy inflammatory response and help maintain healthy joints. Many people in this age range will have to take statins for heart health. Statin drugs deplete the body of CoQ10, hinder the synthesis of vitamin K2, and block the protein glutathione. OptiStatin CoQ10-SR with vitamins D3 and K2 address these nutritional depletions.*


The body changes with time, so it's only natural to adjust our approach to wellness as the years go by. Using different combinations of supplements during each stage of life is a great way to hack your health. Take care of your body correctly today so that you can enjoy your advanced years with less stress.

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