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The Effects of Positelle on Mood and Kidney Health

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Having a healthy lifestyle involves long-term commitment to a healthy diet, exercise, and high-quality sleep. Most people get their diets working and their exercise scheduled, but often forget that sleep is also an important pillar of a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

We live in a world that constantly wants us to stay awake, so it’s only natural that we might think of sleep as a “waste of time” compared to binge-watching a trendy show or playing the newest game every streamer is raving about. However, this lack of healthy sleep is slowly, but surely chipping away at our health and it can get to a point where we can suffer really bad consequences in the long-term.

If you have trouble sleeping or want to get a head start in having the best quality sleep ever, Positelle, is one of the supplements that supports helping stress and sleep problems. 

Why Positelle?

Positelle’s formula isn’t just about popular herbs and extracts put together hoping they do something like most anti-stress products out there. We did the research and focused on ingredients that help give us better sleep and lower our stress levels at the same time.*

Positelle can help you have a lighter, calmer mood, a positive outlook on life, healthy kidneys, manageable stress levels, and higher quality sleep. When you sleep better and keep stress at manageable levels, your body can focus more on maintaining your clean and healthy diet, your strict exercise routine, and overall immunity. *

What’s inside Positelle?

How can positelle help you with stress and sleep? Here are its ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3: This is the most bioavailable form of vitamin D and is the exact form the body uses when it converts UV rays into the vitamin D our body needs. Evidence says vitamin D supplementation can help boost mood, allowing you to start your day with a smile on your face.*
  • Folate: Taking folate can improve sleep quality. The better quality your sleep, the more protected the body is from health problems.*
  • Venetron: An herb known to promote a positive outlook and reduce stress levels.*
  • Rhodiola rosea: Much like venetron, rhodiola is known to help manage stress better. More than keeping stress levels low, rhodiola is also known to help our kidneys function better. This allows our kidneys to not only stay healthy, but also work at a more efficient rate. This can lead to better detoxification and can help maintain overall wellness.*
  • Lavender Oil: Lavender tea or anything lavender-scented is our grandma’s secret to having guaranteed high quality sleep. Taking lavender oil has also been shown to boost sleep quality, especially those who have trouble sleeping.*


People tend to overlook sleep which can lead to serious health effects. If you have trouble sleeping or if you just want to have a higher quality sleep, Positelle, is one of the supplements that supports helping stress and sleep problems. Positelle has evidence-backed ingredients known to improve sleep quality, lower stress levels, and keep you feeling good and in the mood. As an added bonus, Positelle also contains ingredients that can help keep our kidneys function at 100%, letting you have another level of protection against common health problems through healthier detoxification.*

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