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The Prenatal Essential: Advasorb® DHA

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Advasorb® DHA contains two forms of highly absorbable DHA.* Most DHA supplements contain ethyl ester DHA to save on production costs. However, ethyl ester-bound DHA is not very bioavailable, so your body cannot use most of it. With Advasorb® DHA, you can make sure your body and your baby are getting all of the DHA you need.* 

Romega® Caviar Oil

Our DHA supplement contains Romega® caviar oil. This is a natural marine oil that comes from Norwegian fish. This caviar oil is sourced from local Norwegian fisheries, and the meat of the fish is used to feed the community. When you buy our DHA supplement, you are supporting ethically sourced ingredients.* 

Romega® caviar oil contains phospholipid-bound DHA. Phospholipid-bound DHA absorbs into your body and provides health benefits to your organs. This highly absorbable form of DHA supports your kidneys, adrenal glands, brain health, and eye function.* 

rTG Fish Oil

Re-esterified triglyceride fish oil (rTG fish oil) contains triglyceride-bound DHA. We use this second highly bioavailable form of DHA in our Advasorb® DHA supplement.* DHA that is bound to triglycerides is able to enter your system easily.* 

Ethyl ester DHA converts to triglyceride-bound DHA in your body. That is why ethyl ester DHA supplements are less bioavailable than Advasorb® DHA.* Your body has to complete an extra step to use the DHA when you use ethyl ester DHA.

In the natural world, triglyceride-bound DHA is common. When you eat fresh fish, you are getting some triglyceride-bound DHA. With Advasorb® DHA, you get the natural form of DHA combined with another highly absorbable form for maximum health benefits.* 

Advasorb® DHA and Your Health

Now you know why DHA is so important for your growing baby. You might be wondering if you get any health benefits from taking Advasorb® DHA as well. DHA is important for healthy brain functions, including learning, cognition, and memory. It also supports healthy inflammatory responses in your body to boost your immune health. Advasorb® DHA supports both your and your baby’s health.* 

Improves Learning Ability*

Studies have shown that DHA can increase blood flow to your brain while you are actively learning new information. This helps your brain to process the information and store it accurately. People with learning challenges may benefit from taking Advasorb® DHA to improve their cognition and memory.*

DHA also helps your attention span. Research suggests that children and adults who struggle with paying attention benefit from taking daily DHA supplements. If you want to boost your learning skills, take Advasorb® DHA.* 

Supports Healthy Inflammatory Responses*

Advasorb® DHA can help fight against unhealthy inflammatory responses in your body.* The omega-3 fatty acid balances out the inflammatory responses caused by omega-6 fatty acids. If you follow an unhealthy diet, you likely consume a lot of omega-6 fatty acids. To neutralize their effects on your health, take Advasorb® DHA daily.* 

Improves Eye Health*

If you suffer from eye health concerns, Advasorb® DHA may be able to help.* DHA has been shown to improve vision and overall eye health in adults with certain eye problems. The omega-3 fatty acid properties of Advasorb® DHA can potentially help strengthen the nerves in your eyes.* If you want to protect your eye health, Advasorb® DHA is a good addition to your supplement regimen.* 

Support Your Prenatal Health with Advasorb® DHA*

Pregnant people and their babies need plenty of nutrition to thrive. If you are not currently taking a DHA supplement, now is the time to add Advasorb® DHA to your daily routine.* All you have to do is take the supplement and reap the health benefits for both yourself and your developing baby.* 

Advasorb® DHA uses ethically sourced ingredients to provide your body with maximum health benefits.* Don’t settle for less absorbable forms of DHA; pick up a bottle of Advasorb® DHA from Quality of Life today!*

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