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What is beauty from Within?

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If you look up beauty in a dictionary, you will find that the word is defined as a "quality present in a thing or person that gives intense please or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations, a meaningful design or pattern, or something else."

Although everyone has their definition of beauty, there are some markers such as glowing skin and shiny hair that are traditionally agreed upon to be beautiful! That's not to say that dull skin and hair isn't beautiful, but unfortunately, those are indicators of underlying health issues within your body.

Our external beauty is a reflection of our internal health and the function of our organs. Dull skin and hair can be attributed to, too little sleep, poor circulation, of an imbalance of chemicals within your immune system.

The unfortunate truth is, our society is beauty-obsessed, and cosmetic companies try to capitalize on this by pushing pricy topical solutions. Topical beauty solutions cannot address the cause of these skin and hair ailments; for this, you have to go within the body.

Our beauty from within bundle addressed beauty from the inside out.

If your blood is not circulating correctly, your skin becomes dull, wrinkled, and you are more prone to develop brown spots. Oligonol® is a patented proprietary ingredient that has been shown to improve circulation in human clinical studies. By improving circulation, users have seen a reduction in wrinkles and brown spots, as well as the bonus of a reduction in visceral fat!

Next, we address skin elasticity. Overpriced moisturizers are just a Band-Aid for dry skin. To truly address this, you have to uncover the root of the issue. The actual cause of dry and sensitive skin is an imbalance of chemicals within the immune system. Exequel™ works by bringing these chemicals into balance! Utilizing one powerful ingredient, L-92™, a sterilized Lactobacillus acidophilus. In human clinical studies this strain of probiotic has been shown to promote beautiful skin health and overall appearance.*

Finally, we all know that beauty rest is a crucial player in your beauty routine. But do you know why? While you are asleep, your body is repairing itself and recovering. Getting enough sleep has been shown to result in fewer wrinkles, glowing skin, brighter eyes, and an overall healthier appearance! Our final product in our 'Beauty from Within' regiment is Melatonin-SR™. Many of us struggle to get an adequate amount of sleep, and unknowingly this could be the cultrate behind many of your skin and hair concerns. Our Melatonin-SR™ has been shown to help improve your quality of sleep, allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

Transform how you think of beauty. You wouldn't cut a tree down from the middle, don't buy another overpriced topical beauty solution, get to the root of the issue by treating the cause of the problem within your body!

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