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Which One of Our Joint Health Supplements Is Right for You?

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Joint discomfort can stop you from staying active and enjoying your life. With Quality of Life joint health supplements, you can remain on the go — and find relief from discomfort. * 

We have three premium joint health supplements: Cartiflex®, Cartilast®, and Cartiquil®. Each one promotes healthy cartilage structure and more comfortable movement.* Which one is best for you? Read on for the ultimate guide to our joint health supplements. 

Range of Motion and Mobility 

If you struggle with making fluid, comfortable movements due to joint discomfort, Cartiflex® is the supplement for you. Cartiflex® provides extra support and lubrication to your joints to help you stay active without discomfort* 

For people who enjoy sports, keeping up with children, and other activities, Cartiflex® could provide great relief.* This supplement promotes improvements in your range of motion and mobility to support an active, youthful lifestyle.* 

How Cartiflex® Works

Cartiflex® contains three active ingredients: BioCell Collagen®, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients work together to help you move more swiftly and comfortably.* 

Without enough joint cartilage, movements are uncomfortable and stiff. As you get older, your body’s joint cartilage starts to break down. BioCell Collagen® provides your body with type II collagen peptides, whose composition is similar to your own joint cartilage. * This helps maintain strong support for your bones and fight cartilage damage as you age. * 

Chondroitin sulfate increases your flexibility and provides cushioning to your joints as you move. * This compound makes up cartilage, tendons, and other connective tissues in your body. Chondroitin sulfate helps protect your joints against the impact of certain movements. * 

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your body that lubricates your joints. This acid hydrates and protects your skin and joints from friction and aging. Hyaluronic acid makes up 10% of the BioCell Collagen® formula. *

Cartilage Protection 

Cartilage supports your joints and allows for flexible movements. As you age, your cartilage begins to break down, causing discomfort.

Cartilast® is our joint protection supplement that helps prevent cartilage breakdown and rebuild these connective tissues.* As a result, you can look forward to enjoying smoother joint function with less discomfort.

Cartilast® Collagen Enhancement

Cartilast® both protects existing cartilage and promotes cartilage renewal.* This supplement contains a patented form of avocado extract that helps manage inflammatory responses.* Healthy inflammatory responses improve your joint function and comfort. 

The avocado and soybean extract blend, ASU, in Cartilast® helps your body produce the building blocks of cartilage. 

ASU also fights against chemicals that degrade your cartilage structure, protecting the connective tissues you already have.* If your cartilage has suffered from overuse, aging, or injuries, you could help protect and rebuild it with Cartilast®.* 

Bioavailable Vitamins

Cartilast® contains vitamins D3 and K2 as well as boron. We use highly bioavailable forms of these compounds to help them get absorbed into your system.* Vitamin D3 supports your mood, immune function, and overall health. We include this ingredient in Cartilast® to alleviate some of the symptoms of aging. 

Vitamin K2 improves your joint health and function.* We use a form of vitamin K2 that has up to eight times better absorption into your bloodstream.*

Boron is difficult to absorb naturally, as the soil in most regions worldwide has been depleted of this nutrient. Studies have shown that higher boron levels in the soil are associated with better joint health in the surrounding populations.* Cartilast® contains bioavailable boron to support your joint health and maintain quality connective tissues.* 

Relief from Joint Discomfort 

Cartiquil® promotes fast-acting relief for joint discomfort.* Many mainstream joint health products take multiple weeks to relieve your pain. With Cartiquil®, you could be back on your feet comfortably in as little as seven days.* 

For those who are troubled with comfortable movement, maintaining a healthy inflammatory response around their joints, and discomfort with mobility, Cartiquil® is the recommended joint health supplement.* 

Cartiquil® for Your Joints

Cartiquil® contains several patented ingredients that target the sources of your joint discomfort. * This supplement addresses the root causes of your discomfort so you can experience relief quickly.* From a patented form of curcumin to tree resin extract, Cartiquil®’s ingredients pack a powerful punch to your joint health* 

Curcumin is one of the components of Cartiquil® that supports your joints. This  active compound in turmeric, has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years. 

It is believed that curcumin helps to manage your body’s inflammatory response, * With this highly absorbable form of curcumin, you can prepare for your joints to feel better in no time.* 

3NB celery seed extract manages inflammatory responses and reduces joint discomfort. * This ingredient has shown lots of potential in human clinical studies for pain relief.* 3NB celery seed extract contains an 85% concentration of the beneficial compounds in this herb. 

ApresFLEX® Boswellia serrata gum resin extract protects your joint cartilage and increases joint comfort.* This ingredient removes enzymes from your joint fluids that can break down cartilage and cause excessive inflammatory responses.* 

Boswellia trees produce this gummy resin naturally, and this patented form contains concentrates to enhance its efficacy.* 

Finding the Solution for Your Joint Health

At Quality of Life, we produce natural supplements to improve your joint health and help you live the life you desire. Each of our three joint health supplements provides multiple benefits to those struggling with mobility and joint problems.* 

If you want to move more, hurt less, and protect your bones from the effects of aging, choose these supplements for your joint health.* 

You can add more than one of these premium joint health supplements to your daily regimen. We use patented herbal ingredients to support natural healing and bone health.* If you want supplements that work quickly and effectively target your joint problems, Quality of Life is the supplement line for you.* 

Joint discomfort and loss of mobility can put a damper on fun activities and time spent with loved ones. Don’t miss out on life because of your joint health problems. Pick up a bottle of one of our premium joint health supplements for increased joint comfort and mobility today!*

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