Doctor-formulated, Allerfin® is a unique proprietary blend of the world’s most researched natural ingredients for helping you feel your best, whatever the season.



Doctor-formulated, Allerfin® is a unique proprietary blend of the world’s most researched natural ingredients for helping you feel your best, whatever the season. Unlike other products, which offer only partial relief, Allerfin is a holistic formula that targets three areas of the body: the sinuses, lungs, and eyes.*

  • Sinus Support*: This formula includes three ingredients shown in human clinical research to support the health of the nasal passageways*: Allerinol™ — a proprietary extract of the Japanese herb Perilla frutescens; Bromelain — an enzyme derived from pineapple; and Nettles — an herb used in traditional European herbalism.

  • Lung Support*: Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have shown that bromelain supports free and easy breathing.* This effect is likely due to bromelain’s documented ability to support the health of the bronchial passageways.*

  • Eye Support*: Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials have found that both Allerinol and quercetin support the health and comfort of the eyes in human subjects.*

Supplements Facts




Bromelain (from pineapple)

Bromelain is a group of proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes found in pineapple. In addition to breaking down the protein in foods, bromelain also breaks down protein found in irritated tissue.* As a result, bromelain promotes a healthy response to inflammation of the nasal mucosa and supports bronchial function.* Double-blind, placebo-controlled human trials have found that bromelain supports ease of breathing.*

Nettle root extract

Nettle (also known as stinging nettle) is an herb found across almost all of the continents, where it grows by river banks and in damp woods. It has been used in traditional European herbal medicine to support a healthy response to inflammation.* This explains why the herb has been found useful for both supporting the health of the nasal passageways and for maintaining normal prostate size, which supports urinary function and promotes normal urinary flow.*

Quercetin (dihydrate)

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in tea, red wine, apples, and grapefruit. It is an antioxidant, meaning it scavenges harmful free radicals, and supports a healthy response to inflammation.* A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial found that quercetin supports eye comfort in those seeking seasonal support.* Scientists believe it may work by stabilizing cell membranes.*

Allerinol (Perilla frutescens leaf extract)

Allerinol, a proprietary extract of the Japanese herb Perilla frutesens enriched with rosmarinic acid, which human clinical research has found helps to reduce inflammation of the nasal passageways by suppressing allergic antibody responses.* Research has also shown that Allerinol significantly decreases the number of neutrophils and eosinophils — white blood cells that cause tissue to break down and that contribute to inflammation — found in nasal mucus.* Rosmarinic acid, a component of Allerinol, has also been shown to inhibit the release of histamine, which accounts for its ability to relieve itchy, watery eyes.*


Q: Does this make me drowsy like other over the counter allergy medications do?

A: No, our Allerfin formula does not cause drowsiness.

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Works better than otc allergy meds!

I have had spring allergies for many years now and every spring I would use Claritin for nasal allergies and zaditor drops for eyes. Even with the medications the symptoms were still bothersome. Especially eye allergies. This year I even tried the nasal sprays and Allegra. Still no relief. My mom ordered this for me and within 2 days my eye allergies were completely gone! Respiratory allergies were much better too. Worked better than any of the other medications I just mentioned. No side effects and it's all natural. Only thing is it has pineapple extract so need to avoid dairy around the time you take it. Highly reccomend!

Deborah Nataloni

Five Stars

Great product!

Hanan A.

One Star

It’s not good, it doesn’t do the job, i am sorry because it not returnable


Takes time but worth it

My allergies got to its peak throughout summer. With full symptoms and congestion, my physician recommended Zyrtec-D. Taking Zyrtec-D kept me awake at night but it helped get me through the day. After much research, I decided to try Allerfin. I am now on my 2nd bottle. The first two weeks, I took Allerfin on an empty stomach, upon waking but the allergy symptoms would prevail, so I had to supplement it by taking Zyrtec-D. At the 3rd week, it worked!! My morning symptoms ceased and I no longer had to take Zyrtec-D. Before my 2nd bottle arrived, I was on nothing for 2 days, and my symptoms did come back. I'd like to add that removing excess caffeine, chocolate and dairy helped with the healing. A slow process for me but it has helped me get back on track. This review is of my own accord; paid full price, though I wish it was more attractive.

Donna Keating

Allergy Relief at last!

This is the only thing that seems to keep my allergies in check without having to go the route of over the counter meds and their side effecrs. Both my husband and I love this product.