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Why Quality of life?

Our Obsession with Quality, Efficacy and Safety

The toughest research standards

When developing a new product, we start with research. Our Research & Development team combs through independently conducted human clinical studies to assess which ingredients work and which ones don’t. In fact, every ingredient in every product we make is validated by human clinical studies. This kind of study, in which scientists test a hypothesis on human subjects, is considered the gold standard of scientific research.

The right ingredient forms

After determining which ingredients have conclusively been shown to work in humans for a specific health condition, we then source the best forms of those ingredients on a case-by-case basis. For example, we search for the most bioavailable forms for each individual vitamin and mineral, and we determine which botanical ingredients need special sustained release technology to increase their absorption and utilization.

The appropriate dose

Next, we further analyze the research to determine how much of each ingredient we should include. In fact, every ingredient in every product we make is delivered in dosages shown to be effective in humans. You’ll never see a tiny sprinkling of the latest trendy ingredient on a Quality of Life label — unless a small dose is all you really need. Ultimately, we care about what works, not about reeling in customers with ingredients they’ve heard about on talk shows.

The best manufacturing practices

When it comes time to manufacture, all our products are made in GMP-certified plants, in other words, facilities that meet the Good Manufacturing Practices established by the U.S. FDA. This ensures five key elements:

•  Identity, meaning each ingredient listed on the label is in the product.

• Purity, meaning the product is free of microbes.

• Strength, or potency, meaning each ingredient matches 100 percent of what’s on the label.

• Composition, meaning the formula as a whole matches what’s on the label.

• Limits on contaminants, meaning the product meets strict criteria for minimally low levels of heavy metals and pesticides.

The most rigorous quality testing

Quality of Life tests our finished products to make sure the active ingredients are present in the amounts stated on the label and that they disintegrate at the right time. We also conduct stability testing using both real-time tests, to see how our products hold up under normal storage conditions, and accelerated testing, to see how they fare under harsh conditions such as high temperature. This allows us to pinpoint the exact expiration date our products should carry.

The most protective packaging

Quality of Life packages almost all of our products in glass bottles with metal lids for one simple reason: Glass and metal do the best job of protecting our supplements from light, oxygen, and moisture — all of which can degrade vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other nutraceuticals and lessen their potency and freshness. Glass and metal work together to ensure stability.

The right “other ingredients”

Underneath the Supplement Facts box on every supplement bottle you’ll see a line called “other ingredients.” These are the ingredients the manufacturer adds to either hold the tablet together (binders) or make sure the ingredients don’t stick to the manufacturing equipment (excipients).

Quality of Life’s “other ingredients” are made from natural sources like vegetable cellulose, rice flour, and cornstarch. We do not use the excipient magnesium stearate because research suggests it may inhibit nutrient absorption (the last thing you want in a nutritional supplement!) and that it may also slow the pace at which ingredients dissolve in the body (so your supplements won’t act as fast). Our SR (sustained release) line of products is carefully formulated to be released at an exact speed for maximum effectiveness, and magnesium stearate could throw off these precise formulations.

The selection of safe materials

Many of the ingredients we use have been safely consumed as part of the food supply for hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years. We steer clear of ingredients that have known safety issues, such as yohimbe and bitter orange (both herbal stimulants). In addition, many of our ingredients have GRAS certification, meaning they are “generally regarded as safe,” an FDA classification that validates an ingredient’s low potential to cause harm. And finally, when we develop formulas, we pay attention to safe ingredient forms, appropriate dosing, and possible interactions among ingredients.

The full battery of safety tests

It may come as a surprise that by law, dietary supplement manufacturers do not have to demonstrate the safety of their products before bringing them to market. That’s why you’ll be relieved to know that every ingredient Quality of Life uses has been tested for safety, either through:

• Monitoring for adverse events and changes in metabolic parameters during human clinical trials, and/or
• Evaluating potential toxicity in animal studies, and/or
• Determining mutagenicity through in vitro research

The right protection against contaminants

Furthermore, we conduct extensive laboratory analyses on our finished products to make sure they contain the ingredients they say they do and to guard against:

• Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic
• Harmful microbes, such as yeast, mold, and bacteria
• Aflatoxins and mycotoxins (in mushroom ingredients)
• Pesticides (in botanical ingredients)
• Adulteration, in other words, the purposeful addition of impurities, in ingredients at high risk for foul play