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Boost Your Health this National Nutrition Month

March 10, 2021

Boost Your Health this National Nutrition Month

We should always strive to be in our healthiest shape possible. Being fit and healthy means we're choosing the most beneficial options, no matter how small or trivial the choices are. However, you can say that our most impactful health choices happen when we're picking what food to eat. Our nutrition is one of the basic foundations of health and choosing healthy foods over not-so-healthy options will only benefit us in the long-term.

If you're ever confused about how to optimize your nutritional intake best, consider this year's National Nutrition Month to be a motivational start to long-term health and wellness. Here are some ways to get you started:

Check your fridge and cabinets

The first thing you must do is to evaluate the kind of foods you have available. Make a list of the number of whole foods and packaged or processed food. Then, assess which foods you're willing to start letting go of and what healthy foods you can sub. This is just a start, so go easy with what unhealthy foods you reduce. It doesn't have to be reduced to zero right now, but that is the long-term goal.

Use the internet

The internet is a gift when it comes to free information. There are far too many free nutrition blogs and websites to not take advantage of them. Go the extra mile, join a social media group or online discussion with people who understand nutrition.

Make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables in every meal

Everyone starts with small steps, and it's the same thing with nutrition. Adding one piece of fruit and a few pieces of vegetables with every meal can go a long way, especially when it comes to completing the essential nutrients: Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fats, Water, and Carbohydrates.

Drink more water

A lot of the bad foods we eat are in liquid form. Unlike additive-filled beverages, water is pure and is the exact beverage the body wants all the time. Then, of course, water can help keep yourself feeling full, which can go far when it comes to staying away from unhealthy foods.

Take nutrient-boosting supplements

Supplementation has come a long way, and there are now many supplements available if you ever want to boost your nutrition intake. For this, we suggest three of our best nutrient-enhancing products:

  • Advasorb® Vitamin C, a unique take on the typical vitamin C supplement you see every day. We offer a formula that allows the body to absorb vitamin C fast and efficiently. It also has N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, an ingredient known to also help with muscle-building as well as liver and kidney health.*
  • Neptune Krill Oil, a supplement known to contain one of the richest sources of EPA and DHA, krill oil. More than just an Omega-3 supplement, Neptune Krill Oil also has Choline, a nutrient known to boost brain health and function.*
  • Immuno Complex, a product that contains nutrients that specifically help optimize immunity. It has Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Copper, and a fatty acid complex. The formula uses premium forms of ingredients designed for maximum absorption.*


National Nutrition Month is perhaps the best month to get started on your health. Not only does it celebrate healthy foods and healthy choices, but it also motivates health-conscious people to focus on what they're eating and avoid foods that aren't exactly good for you in the first place. If you're unsure how to get started, go back to this blog and draw inspiration. Who knows? Maybe this time next year, you'll be the one advising others on all things nutrition!

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