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Yellow and Black Turmeric with Curcumin-SR™

Yellow & Black Turmeric combines the SIRT1 activation powers of SIRTMAX® black turmeric with those of yellow turmeric, plus Curcumin-SR™ thus providing powerful anti-aging properties.


No one can stop the march of time, but its speed does seem to vary. Some older folks show all their years, while others the exact same age seem to defy aging. Why is this? There are many factors, of course, but one of them is the SIRT1 gene. When this gene is inactive, we age more rapidly. But when it’s activated, we age more slowly.

Resveratrol is well known for activating the SIRT1 gene. That’s the secret to its anti-aging properties. But there’s another herb that has five times the SIRT1 activation power of resveratrol. A relative of both turmeric and ginger, it’s called Kaempferia parviflora, or black turmeric.*

Yellow & Black Turmeric combines the SIRT1 activation powers of SSIRTMAX® black turmeric with those of yellow turmeric, plus Curcumin-SR™, a patented, highly bioavailable extract of curcumin (the active constituent of yellow turmeric). The result is the most complete turmeric product on the market.

Taken together, the ingredients in Yellow & Black Turmeric support healthy aging, by positively influencing:
• Blood sugar*
• Body weight*
• Cholesterol*
• Triglycerides*
• Blood pressure*
• Antioxidant capacity*
• Inflammation response*
• Joint comfort*
100% of our Ingredients are Backed by Human Clinical Studies. Click on any ingredient below to view the research abstracts.

Suggested Use: 1 vegicap daily with a meal.

Supplements Facts

Serving Size: 1 vegicap

Servings Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Value

500 mg †

Turmeric root extract (Curcuma longa) (standardized with 25%  curcuminoids)

100 mg †

(15% polymethoxy flavonoids)

† Daily value not established.

Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose, polyglycerol oleate, microcrystalline cellulose, medium chain triglycerides, silica, HPMC, organic rice hull concentrate, dextrin, sodium aliginate.

Manufactured at a facility that also produces soy, peanuts and shellfish (Crab).




Black Turmeric
SIRTMAX, a proprietary extract of the rhizome of black turmeric, concentrates its active constituents, known as polymethoxyflavonoids. SIRTMAX has been shown in human clinical research to help maintain blood sugar already within normal limits and to help promote a healthy body weight.*

Yellow Turmeric
Yellow turmeric is a spice widely used in South Asian cuisine and an herb used in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India. It gives curry its distinctive golden yellow color. Like black turmeric, yellow turmeric also activates the SIRT1 gene.* And research shows that it helps maintain cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure already within normal limits, increases antioxidant capacity, supports a healthy inflammation response, and promotes joint comfort.*

Curcumin-SRTM is a patented extract of curcumin — the active constituent of turmeric — that has ten times the absorption of regular curcumin. And that’s important, because conventional curcumin is difficult for the human body to absorb and retain.


Q: How does Yellow and Black Turmeric work?

A: The active ingredients of yellow turmeric and black turmeric both activate SIRT1, thus providing powerful anti-aging properties.

Q: What is the SIRT1 gene?

A: SIRT1 is known as the “anti-aging gene” because activating it has been shown to lengthen lifespan in animals. For years, scientists have been studying ways to boost SIRT1 activity in humans to help prevent biological aging and the diseases associated with it.

Q: What makes Yellow and Black Turmeric superior when compared to other formulas?

A: Not all formulas on the market use meaningful potencies of key ingredients. What sets Quality of Life’s formulas apart is that we take only clinically researched ingredients for specific health conditions and formulate them into products consistent with suggested dosages.

Q: What are the ingredients in Yellow and Black Turmeric?

A: Yellow and Black Turmeric contains three powerful forms of turmeric; Yellow turmeric, Curcumin-SR, and SIRTMAX black Turmeric.

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