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10 Best Healthy Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day

We all know moms are the best.

They show a lot of affection and unconditional love.

Mother’s Day is the time we need to treat them as the queens they really are and give them the gifts they deserve. So what might that be?

The gift of good health!

We believe that keeping your mothers feeling pampered and refreshed will keep them hugging, helping and loving for years to come! After looking through our awesome gift suggestions you will honor your mom this Mother’s Day without spending too much money. After all, we believe quality time is the best gift you can give to your one and only!

So here is a list of healthy gift ideas for mom that she is sure to love: 

  • Basket Full of Goodies – now remember we know that the usual way of putting together a basket is with sweets and chocolates, but instead of that why not make it a healthier version by putting some of her favorite fruits, green energy juices, a new yoga mat, and for the cherry on top include a pilates or yoga tutorial!
  • Relaxing Day at the Spa – most moms spend all day taking care of their children, their family, and maybe some other important people in their lives. Sometimes they spend all day on their feet, so why not treat her with a treatment at a local spa? Some suggestions are: massages, acupuncture, or a facial. 
  • Pay for a Full Gym Membership – we always hear how they talk about how they’d like to lose some weight and burn off those extra calories to stay in shape. Why not take those steps to call the gym she would like to join and get her some sessions with a trainer? If your mother isn’t gun-hoe about signing up for an intense exercising program, then maybe looking into some yoga classes.
  • Nature is the Key – This is a project for both you and your mother to connect with nature. Make a small garden with a nice picket fence around it. You can plant anything from veggies to flowers and she will enjoy nurturing and watering them especially once the harvest is ripe!
  • Clean Water – Most of us know chlorine is found in our tap water which is not very good on your health. So why not make your mother happy by installing a whole house water filter to reduce exposure and keep her healthy!
  • Candles with a Scent – Taking a nice relaxing bath with some essential oils and scented candles are always a good way to end the day. Why not help her out by buying those candles for her to enjoy and maybe add a bath bomb or salts for her to soak in her bath as well, especially after a long stressful day.
  • Quality Time – Take a day off and spend it with your mother. There are so many healthy ways of doing so! Some fun ways are putting together a picnic basket and going to her favorite park or taking a day to soak up some sun at the beach or by the pool!
  • The Gift of Music – Put together her favorite songs into one playlist. She can listen to it in the car, during her free time, or even while working throughout the house. Music is a way of relaxing and having your mother go into her own world for a little bit.
  • Flowers – Surprise your mother with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! You can order them and have them hand delivered or go somewhere and pick them yourself. Either way having a little reminder by her side will make her feel special and let her know your appreciation for her. She will love it!
  • Supplements – Why not add onto the gift of a healthy lifestyle? Every once in a while you hear how your mother has no time to look after herself. She feels like she has no energy and wants to keep herself healthy. Our line of supplements has many categories to choose from and would be the perfect way of satisfying your mother’s health needs.

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    Do you have some more ideas on how to gift your mother the healthy way? Leave us a comment below and let us know how you gift your mother on this special day!

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