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10 Healthy Habits From QOL

During these difficult times, our health has never been more important. It's time to focus on healthy habits. There are several lifestyle tips and tricks that you can do that require little effort and expense, which will allow you to boost your immune system!

Get a good night's sleep

When you were young, your mother or father had a good reason to tell you to go to bed early. A good night's sleep has a significant bearing on your overall health, especially your immune system. For adults, approximately 8 hours of sleep per night is the perfect amount to ward off immune challenges.

Drink plenty of water

Flush the toxins out of your body by drinking plenty of water daily. Not only does it hydrate your body, but it also helps to carry nutrients to blood cells, stimulating a boost in your immune system activity. Although eight glasses of water should be the minimum, the amount you should drink depends on your daily activity levels.

Eat a Mediterranean-style diet

One of the best ways to boost your immune system is by feeding your body with the right nutrients. Although a bag of chips can tempt you once in a while, adopting a Mediterranean-style diet is one of the most delicious and healthy ways that you can eat. As the optimum immune function is influenced by our gut's health, eating a diet rich in healthy fats will help reduce inflammation and keep you healthy due to the high concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, and key elements such as zinc. Chow down on avocado, oily fish, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to get the most out of your diet.

Manage stress

Although it is easier said than done, keeping calm and managing your worries can work wonders on your immune system. Long-term stress can lead to many ailments. There are several excellent ways to manage your stress, but some of the most popular include exercising, meditating, cooking, and reading.

Avoid smoke and alcohol

Excessive tobacco and alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on your immune function. Not smoking and drinking only in moderation will play a huge factor in keeping you healthy.

Take in the sun

We all love to soak in the rays. However, overexposure to the sun, a rich source of vitamin D (a miraculous vitamin that plays a massive role in boosting the immune system), can lead to harmful effects on your skin. If you wish to avoid the bittersweet burn, eating oily fish or taking daily supplements are great ways of getting Vitamin D in your system.

Keeping your home nice and bright

Chances are high you're spending a lot of time at home these days. But in order to get a better night's sleep and keep your immune system healthy, let as much sunshine into your home as possible during the day.

Move more

During these times, when we are restricted from going to our favorite places, you need to move as much as possible. Whether you're stuck inside all day or not, your immune system is practically begging you to move in any way you can. From walking around the block to dancing around your apartment, up your daily activity as much as you can.

Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Instead of simply moving around your home, your immune system will thank you for setting a disciplined workout regime. Exercise enhances the immune system up to 10 times immediately after exercise, and even in the hours following exercise, immune cells are sent to the areas of the body more likely to get infected. Your body is a machine. Keep the engine running.

Supplement when needed

Even after following a healthy diet, you still might not be getting the best out of what you eat to have an optimized immune system. Consult your doctor about any nutritional deficiencies, and supplement when needed. QOL Labs provides a range of regulated supplements for a myriad of vitamin or nutritional deficiencies that can help you get the best out of your body.

When thinking about a healthier lifestyle, it’s always good to put together a list of everything you do throughout the day and let yourself figure out the next steps to better your health. We hope you enjoyed our 10 Healthy Habits tips for today. Let us know if you have any you would like to share by leaving a comment below!

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