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10 Ways to De-Bloat Before Heading to the Beach!


Summer is here and it’s time to head to beach, pool, lake, or whatever body of water you prefer! Getting into your bathing suit and heading to the beach is always fun but things such as bloating can get in the way of you enjoying that fun in the sun. Bloating makes many of us feel uncomfortable, and even self-conscious, but luckily it is manageable.

Bloating can be caused by many things such as dehydration, overeating, gassy foods, and even eating too quickly. Fortunately enough there are some tricks you can do to de-bloat before heading to the beach.

Check out these 10 easy tips that will help you de-bloat while having you feel and look your best!

  1. Take a bath. Not just any type of bath – an Epsom salt bath to be exact. The salt may help you de-bloat by pulling the excess water out of your body. Make sure to do this only once before heading to the beach in order to avoid dehydration.
  2. Go for a long walk. If you’re feeling backed up or bloated after dinner try going out for a 15-minute walk. This will encourage things in your digestive system to get moving.
  3. Take your time and eat slowly. We’ve all been there – you are starving and all you want to do is devour your food – but eating too fast can be bad for you. When you try to scarf down your food to quickly it can cause you to swallow access air – thus causing gas and bloating.
  4. Stay hydrated. If you are dehydrated your body will retain water thus leading to bloating. Drinking plenty of water is important when you are out in the sun and it also speeds up digestion!
  5. Watch your potion control. Eating a large meal usually doesn’t have us feeling our best and often times leads to bloating. Next time you make dinner try to control how much of that stir-fry you are putting on your plate.
  6. Have a goodnight rest. According to a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, getting sufficient sleep can help reduce ghrelin and increase leptin levels, which can help control your appetite throughout the day. No more overeating!
  7. Ditch the straws. Just like devouring your food, sipping your drink from a straw can cause you swallow excess air and feel bloated.
  8. Trade up your gum choices. When you chew gum it can cause you to swallow air causing your stomach to become bloated. Additionally many gums contain artificial sweeteners that also cause bloating. Try switching to some organic gum, such as Glee gum or Simply gum – not only are they low-calorie but they don’t use artificial sweeteners.
  9. Squeeze in a short workout. Wake up an extra 20 mins early before heading to the beach and try squeezing in a quick workout. This will help your digestive system get things moving – thus feeling less bloated.
  10. Have some lemon water. When life gives you lemons you add them into your water! Lemons are a natural laxative and when added to warm water, drinking it can help reduce the amount of salt retained in the body.

We hope that these tips will help you de-bloat in time to be ready for your trip to the beach! We want to help you feel your best during your outings this summer. But most importantly we hope you have a fun and safe rest of your summer.

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