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15 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Friends and Loved Ones


And just like that, the Holidays are once again upon us. While this year hasn’t exactly been cookie cutter, it’s always nice to at least celebrate events with friends and family, though with some adjustments.

Even with changes to how we celebrate the holidays this year, what doesn’t change is the way we give to those who we care for. If you’re looking for a great gift for anyone on your list, check out our holiday gift guide!

1. Reusable Metal Straws

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. This has been the mantra of everyone who watched Captain Planet growing up, and one of the many ways you can help is by declining plastic straws when you order a beverage. The problem is, straws are kinda important for some people. If you know someone who has to use a straw every time, buy them a reusable metal straw. They will love you for it.

2. Sleep aid

2020 has been a whirlwind of unexpected (and often unwanted) surprises, so it’s far too easy to lose sleep thinking about work and what’s happening outside. So, why not buy them a supplement such as Melatonin-SR, a sleep aid that contains ingredients designed to give you that much needed beauty sleep.

3. Special sauces

Know someone who just likes to spice things up? Buy them a sauce that is something exotic or different, like Sriracha or spicy honey. If they really like adventure, buy one of those super hot chili sauces people on social media taste for challenge videos.

4. Building blocks

Whether for a kid or for someone way, way older, building blocks are always a great way to indulge a person’s creative side. Just be sure to buy something age-appropriate. Like, you wouldn't want to buy a 30-something building blocks for a 5-year old.

5. Earphones

A lot of us have resulted in doing pretty much everything with a headset or with earphones on, and chances are the ones your friends or family have are pretty overused. So, consider buying a replacement for them because we all know they will not buy a new one so long as they can hear sound from it.

6. A (better) webcam

Don’t we all just hate video calls or meetings? Not only do you have to “look good,” but you sometimes also have to pretend that you’re wearing full office attire even though you’re quite literally in your PJs or boxers. Consider giving a webcam for that one colleague or loved one who’s barely visible during such calls.

7. Something for immunity

Immunity is all the craze this year, so what better gift than the gift of health? For that, try our The Immunity Insurance Bundle. The Immunity Insurance Bundle contains three  of our immune-boost formulas to help you or your loved ones strengthen the immune system.

8. Moisturizer

It’s about to get super cold for a few months, so why not give someone something to help their skin stay fresh and supple? It would be better if you know the brand they want, so they don’t suffer from skin irritations or allergies.

9. Foam roller

Getting a massage nowadays can be tricky or require too much prep time, but a foam roller can somewhat replace a good masseuse if you know how to use it. So, if you know someone who’s a bit of a fitness buff or someone who gets a massage every week, give them a foam roller and maybe a YouTube link on how to use it for muscle pain or something relaxing.

10. A kettlebell

Gyms are barely open and if they are, they may not let anyone in. No biggie, so long as you have floor space, a kettlebell can do the body good! The best thing about kettlebells is they’re portable enough to be stored anywhere in the house, but also offer versatility so you’re not stuck doing one exercise. If you know a fitness buff who’s been itching to get back into the gym, send them a kettlebell and see how they use it.

11. Customized mug/s

People love drinking from something quirky or weird, and a mug that changes color or design depending on the temperature of the beverage would be a great holiday gift.

12. Glow in the dark anything

Just make sure you’re buying something that doesn’t look scary at night.

13. A supplement for stress

You probably know someone who is always stressed or anxious about work. Help them cope by giving them Serenelle, a supplement formulated with natural ingredients designed to reduce stress and promote an uplifting mood.

14. An Amazon product voucher

You just can’t go wrong with virtual money. However, reserve them for those who really are quite mysterious with what they want for Christmas or prefer to buy something else.

15. An actual plant

Yes, there are people who actually love plants as much as they do their family, and what better way to add to that wonderful love bubble than by handing them a brand new family member? If you’re not sure what kind of plant to give, just send them a cactus.


The 2020 holidays are upon us, and many are once again wondering what to give their friends and family, especially considering how weird this year turned out to be. If you’re lost about what to give someone or just looking to be pointed in the right direction, just have a look at our list of 15 cool holiday gift ideas to get you started.

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