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3 Overlooked Issues of Mental Health

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Mental health is an overlooked issue in today’s culture. From elementary to adulthood, kids and adults alike deal with mental health issues. It may come from stress, an undetected gene, or something else. It’s a growing concern in America and is the focus of much research.

To show why mental health needs more awareness, here are some statistics that prove why it’s a major concern.

  1. Mental Health Starts in Teens.

According to research, 20% of youth ages 13-18 live with mental health. 11% of them have a mood disorder. Other research indicates that 50% of all mental health cases start at age 14 and 75% of all mental health cases start at age 24.

These statistics are overwhelming. Studies show that mental health stems from psychological trauma, neglect, and an ability to relate to others. Other factors include stress, loneliness, experiencing a stigma, and losing someone close to you. When teenagers experience these factors, it causes overwhelming health issues, which of course can lead to mental health. That’s why it’s crucial to understand and place more emphasis on mental health. Other alarming statistics show how the average time between onset of symptoms of mental health issues to eventual intervention is 8-10 years.

  1. Warning Signs of Mental Health.

Some signs of mental health may include being withdrawn. This can commonly start during the middle-school and high school years of a teenager’s life but can also be a sign in adults struggling with mental health issues as well. In addition to being withdrawn and hurting themselves, other warning signs can include a sudden fear of something as well as repeated drugs or alcohol.

  1. Food can Connect to Mental Health.

New research indicates that a proper diet and daily exercise can help improve mental health and provide mood stability. Certain foods affect brain synapses that trigger behaviors. Omega-3 fatty acids are a commonly known food that helps improve overall behavior. Considering 10.2 million people live with mental health and or addiction disorders, there needs to be more emphasis on how to lower this number.

Mental health costs America 193 billion dollars annually. This cost is insurmountably high and shows the urgency to have more awareness and support for mental health. This is why there especially needs to be a greater focus on diet and exercise in schools, the concern of a healthy working environment, and a greater focus on recognizing mental health concerns at the first sign instead of years later.

Mental health is a major concern in today’s culture, especially in the U.S. It should not only be emphasized in the month of May, but every month and every day. With more awareness, we can work together toward positive change!

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