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4 Reasons You May Have Holiday Stress

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The Holidays are here and you might be finding yourself not feeling the holiday cheer. You may be wondering why? Why am I feeling down during the merriest time of year? There could be many things that are making you feel down.  

Doing too much. Whether you’re eating excessively, drinking excessively, or spending too much money, it can all be bad in the long run. It’s the holiday season so you start telling yourself why not? Why not eat those extra holiday cookies, why not spend more than usual on that expensive gift for a loved one, why not have that extra glass of spiked eggnog? Well, think about the weight you might put on before that holiday family reunion. Or the debt you’ll put yourself in at the end of gift shopping. Let’s not forget possibly embarrassing yourself after one too many spiked eggnog drinks – leaving you with the dreaded regret the next morning. Try avoiding the act of doing too much of something, even if it is the holiday season. Splurge responsibly!

Too much family time. The Holidays are all about togetherness – seeing family members you haven’t seen since the last holiday season. But maybe being surrounded by people too much might not sound like a good idea. Picture this, you waking up and finding your cousin on the air mattress because your niece took the couch – people scattered all over your house. We tend to forget how important alone time is to a person’s mental health. We need to remember to find a balance between alone time and family time during the holidays. If it feels too crowded in your home maybe try bundling up for a quick walk outside to clear your mind.

Not enough family time. We’ve all been there. Your family might be going away on a cruise during the holiday season, or you don’t have a significant other to do all of the holiday fun activities like watching a tree lighting together or making holiday cookies. Whatever your case may be, we’ve all had the feeling before. Feeling alone and without friends and family during the holidays can cause serious stress. This holiday season call up a friend or close family member and celebrate the holidays with them – you should never feel too lonely, especially around this time of year. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The days get shorter and darker this time of year, which causes many people to stay indoors due to the weather. Thus causing many people to be affected by a depression known as seasonal affective disorder. This is a real condition that many people suffer from and can be hard to get a handle of – but not impossible!

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and are a time to be merry. Think about the things that may be causing you some stress and try cutting them out or doing less of each one. Try implementing things in your life that will help you cope. After all, it is the holidays and you want to make sure you enjoy them the fullest before heading back to work or school.

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