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4 Stress Management Tips from QOL Members!

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Stress, it’s something that we all deal with once in a while. Work stress is something many of us can relate to, whether it’s a tight deadline, disorganization, or interpersonal conflicts that is stressing us out, stress surrounds many workplaces.

At QOL we try to take the right measures to de-stress. Check out these 4 tips from QOL members, on how you can de-stress at your desk.

Take Serenelle. Most anti-stress products work by sedating the central nervous system, causing drowsiness and impairing mental function. Serenelle® helps you de-stress while increasing your energy and focus.*

Get organized. Many of us suffer the most stress when we are scrambling to catch up on your long to-do list. It’s time to practice time management, stop procrastinating, and get organized. Switching from one thing to the other and trying to multitask can be very stressful itself. By practicing time management and utilizing a planner to get organized you'll see improvement.  

Listen to music. Who doesn’t love listening to their favorite playlist? But did you know music can be an effective stress management tool? Listening to music has been shown to relax our minds and bodies, specifically classical music.

Use a stress ball. Stress balls are an easy way to reduce stress. Playing with a stress ball can reduce tension in your body which will, in turn, reduce stress. Don’t have time to purchase a stress ball? Just make one at home! 

Try incorporating these tips during your work week. Of course these tips alone aren’t going to make all of your stress disappear but they will help you cope with the stress and get you through some stressful moments.

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