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5 Easy Tips for Spring Cleaning This Year


Spring is often equated with renewal and rebirth, but it’s also a great time to reset your focus for the rest of the year. Spring cleaning - which can mean a clothing haul or a deep clean – is a great way to clean the house after a winter spent indoors. It can also have a wonderful effect on our minds. A clean and organized home is key to a healthy mentality.

Spring cleaning is important for everyone, especially if you’re someone who suffers from seasonal discomfort. By not properly cleaning surfaces, you’ll increase the amount of dust in your home, which can make your symptoms all the worse. Take a natural supplement like Allerfin which targets the three areas of the body that are hit the hardest during the spring season: the sinuses, lungs, and eyes.

Seasonal discomfort aside, take a few precautions before you start your cleaning extravaganza: always use gloves (cleaning products often use harsh chemicals which can irritate your skin) and keep your windows open (you don’t want to inhale too much chemical fumes). Once you’re set, here are five essential tips for spring cleaning:

  1. Make a Game Plan

Cleaning an entire home can seem daunting, which is why making a plan is all the more necessary. Scope out each room and make note of everything you need to clean, including surfaces and materials you might not get to on a weekly or monthly basis (think: curtains, air vents and blinds). Even easier? Search online for a spring cleaning checklist, print it out and get to work! Make a chart for you and your family, assigning each person to a certain area or room in the house. Spring cleaning shouldn’t just fall on you.

  1. Declutter

One of the worst things we can have in our homes is clutter. Books stacked up in the corner, clean and dirty clothes covering the floor and a seemingly endless pile of old bills, takeout menus and magazines. Clutter in our homes isn’t just messy – it can have serious implications on your mental health, too. It can lead you to feeling overwhelmed and even depressed. Basically, the more the clutter in the physical sense, the more clutter in an emotional sense. Start with area in your home and work from there, whether it’s a closet or the garage. Sort your belongings into four categories - trash, give-away, store, or put-way. Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll instantly feel like a weight has been lifted off!

  1. Keep Only What You Really Need

Follow the Marie Kondo method and keep only the items that “spark joy” and make you happy. If you’re cleaning out your closet, hold up each item and really ask yourself out loud: Does this piece of clothing spark joy? If it doesn’t, donate it! Donation centers like the Salvation Army are always accepting clothing and household items. Even if you feel a little guilty about giving something away, know that it’s going to someone in need.

  1. Organize

After decluttering and getting rid of excess items, it’s time to organize. You’ll likely have a lot less stuff to organize after a decluttering session, which makes organizing all the easier. Make a stop at a home or hardware store and purchase a few storage bins of all sizes. Label each bin and stack them under your bed, in the garage or in your closet. Having your belongings neatly packed in bins is an excellent way of organizing, not to mention it will make finding things that much better! If you’re dealing with a disorganized play room, find innovative solutions to keep your kid’s toys in check. Got a messy office? Purchase a few file racks to sit on your desk and keep everything within eyesight. You’ll likely keep things much more organized if you can see them.

  1. Establish New Habits

Spring cleaning is a great way to get into more healthy and habitual cleaning habits. Sure, you may feel like you never want to look at a washcloth again, but cleaning, decluttering and organizing is key to a healthy home and a happy mind. Put up a calendar where you can see it regularly and make a cleaning to-do list for the remainder of the year. For example, vacuum and change the bedding every week, clean windows, blinds and floors every two weeks, and deep clean the kitchen once a month. Do away with old habits and make new, better habits in 2019!

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