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5 Foods for Picture Perfect Skin

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The holidays are here! It’s that time of the year where you prepare to see relatives and friends you haven’t seen since last year. Photos will be taken left and right to cherish all of the memories you will be making this holiday season. 

Of course, taking pictures and seeing family members you haven’t seen in a while can be very intimidating, especially when you aren’t feeling your best. Maybe your skin isn’t at its best at the moment, but that’s no reason to hide. This holiday season enjoy family time to fullest!

Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet
Yellow Bell Peppers

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Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet


Are you ready to look your best this festive season? What you eat actually matters. 

Check out these 5 foods you need to incorporate into your diet for picture-perfect skin:

1. Eggs

shallow focus photography of brown eggs

Having a healthy balance of nutrients is important. For example, protein is an important part of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, many sources of protein contain high amounts of fat – but eggs are an exception. Eggs are packed with protein without all the fat that other sources of protein contain. This is important because fat is associated with aging skin. 

In fact, one study conducted in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a 17-gram increase in fat intake increases your chances of developing wrinkles by 28%. Less fat intake, less of a chance of you developing wrinkles.

2. Yellow Bell Peppers

One of the things we dread most as we age are wrinkles. Fortunately enough, adding yellow bell peppers to your diet may decrease the formation of wrinkles. A study conducted by the British Journal of Nutrition found that people who intake up to 250 grams of green and yellow vegetables such as peppers may actually help prevent the formation of excess wrinkles and crow’s feet, in comparison to those who had less than 69 grams a day.

3. Chickpeas

Garbanzo Beans Healthy Foods that Fill You Up Photo

We all have that love/hate relationship with carbs – although they are very tasty, we tend to hate the effects it has on our body due to the glycemic levels they contain. One side effect of a high-glycemic diet is acne. High-glycemic foods increase blood sugar, causing high insulin levels that spike hormonal changes thus causing acne. 

Korean researchers found that adults who followed a low-glycemic diet had a reduction in pimples and red spots. Skip the potatoes that contain high levels of glycemic index (GI) and swap them for chickpeas – you get the carbs you need and have a low GI.

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4. Water

slices of lemons in clear pitcher filled with water

We are constantly making sure we stay hydrated and drink plenty of water to help our skin look more lively and moisturized, but water does more than that. By ditching the sugary drinks and sticking to water you can prevent your skin from sagging and wrinkling. 

When your blood sugar levels are high, sugar can begin attaching itself to proteins found in collagen and produce compounds that can cause the skin to sag and even wrinkle. Can’t go cold turkey? Try adding fruits to your water for some flavor.

5. Sunscreen

white fedora on floral textile

As many of us know, UV lights can be extremely harmful to our skin. In fact, some wavelengths can actually get through the sunscreen and damage the skin. According to research conducted by Clinics in Dermatology, Kale is one of the best courses of lutein and zeaxanthin – nutrients that help absorb and neutralize free radicals that are created by UV light and harm the skin. Always make sure to wear your sunscreen and eat your kale.

This holiday season show off your skin with confidence! Your family and friends will be wondering what your secret is for amazing and healthy skin.

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