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5 Healthiest Ways to Spend National Pet Day

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We think everyone agrees that once you care for a pet, they’re officially family. Regardless of what your pet is or how you got them, we love them not just for being pets, but for the unconditional love they return.

Pets are worth the effort of raising them, so why not celebrate National Pet Day by spending quality time with them? Spice things up a bit by celebrating National Pet Day in a healthy manner. Because no matter how much you care for your pets, you have to take care of yourself first. After all, who will take care of your pets if you’re not well?

How do you celebrate National Pet Day the healthy way? Read on to find out!

1.   Go out for a walk

Walking is such an underrated exercise. Some experts say if people walked half as much as they sit or lie down all day, not only will they be at a more manageable weight range, but their body would be overall healthier. But you know what’s better than walking for fitness? Walking with your pet!

The best thing about walking our pets is how it doubles as exercise too. So, try to walk down streets, the far side of the neighborhood, or even around town if you and your pet are up for it.

If your pet doesn’t exactly walk, you can still “walk” with them if you have access to a treadmill or even if it’s just something as playful as “pretend” walking in your backyard.

2.   Visit a nearby park and play

If you’re not enthused by mere walking and want to be more active with your pet (or if YOUR pet wants to be more active), go the extra mile and go to the nearest park and do some rounds of ball playing, chasing, or fetch. Not only will you have fun playing with a family friend, you’re also going to get a good bout of sweat and laughs.

3.   Pamper them with a pet-friendly baths and a rub down

You know how we LOOOOVE to get a spa treatment? As it turns out, our pets love it too. In fact, there are plenty of dedicated pet spas in every major city because of this demand. Get their nails done, their back scrubbed, their fur cut, maybe even their teeth cleaned. Some pet spas have hybrid centers, meaning they cater to both pets and pet lovers. So, you will both get pampered.

4.   Get them their favorite treats

Every pet has their favorite food to munch on. So, double down on it this National Pet Day and get them something they will love you even more for. Better if the treat is healthy too. While you’re at it, go get something delicious and healthy for yourself.

5.   Have a virtual meeting with other pet lovers

If going out is really not something you and your pet can do right now, you can always do some virtual hangouts. There are PLENTY of pet clubs all over the internet, and some conduct virtual meetups and gatherings to discuss their day, their pets, and anything related to the life of a loving pet owner.

What if I don’t have a pet?

If you’re an animal lover but can’t afford to have a pet right now and still want to celebrate National Pet Day, you can always do some volunteer work at a nearby animal shelter. Animal shelters are home to abandoned pets or pets picked up from the streets. They always need a helping hand, so even a few hours’ worth of volunteering will be appreciated.

And hey, you might even end up picking one pet for yourself.


National Pet Day is the best day to celebrate our bond with our pets. They’re family after all, and they also need a good dose of extra love and pampering for all the love and support they give us on a daily basis. Taking your pets to different places or perhaps meeting other pet lovers online not only will make the pet experience better, but also indirectly benefit your physical and emotional well-being.

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