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5 Healthy and Fun Activities to do This Winter!

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When it gets cold outside, we tend to hide away in our houses, waiting for spring and warmer weather to reappear. But being cooped up inside your home for months can be a catalyst for developing seasonal depression. 

Why risk it. There are plenty of fun outdoor winter activities that you can do when the temperature drops and the snow is falling! 

You may have to bundle up a little, but we promise it is worth it, and the benefits of getting fresh air and exercise can do wonders for your body and mind! 

Breathing more fresh air has been shown to help you digest food more effectively, improve blood pressure and heart rate, and strengthen your immune system! 

Here are five healthy and fun activities you can do outside this winter! Keep in mind some of these activities require snow, so if the ground doesn't have a fresh blanket of snow, tuck the idea into your back pocket and save it for your next snow day!

  1. Hit your local ice skating rink! Search online for your closest ice skating rink. Go as a family or make it a romantic date activity. Ice skating is so fun you won't even realize that you are simultaneously getting in a workout! 
  2. Make a winter bonfire - think bonfires are limited to the summer months? Think again! Campfires are also a great way to get outside during colder months. Bundle up around a cozy fire and roast some hot dogs! Don't forget to end the meal with smores. Toasty marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate never go out of season. 
  3. Go walking or running - this is a year-round activity that you can enjoy solo or with your family and friends! You may need to dress warmer, but look on the bright side, while walking during winter months you can check out how your neighbors have decorated for the holidays! 
  4. Play in the snow - there are many ways to enjoy the snow. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, go sledding, shovel, or make snow angels! 
  5. Go skiing or snowboarding - take a day or weekend trip to your nearest ski slope! If you don't have a ski slope near you, find a path for cross country skiing. 

Don't waste your winter waiting for spring! Get outside and enjoy everything this time of year has to offer. 

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