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5 Reasons Why True Beauty is Beyond Skin-Deep

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We all want to have unblemished, smooth, silky, and supple skin, and the market for beauty products certainly displays this. There are ads on TV, social media, and plenty of billboards advertising skin creams, lotions, and facial cleansers all advocating the same thing: Beautiful skin.

While there's nothing wrong with using skincare products, truly beautiful skin is beautiful from the inside. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, and if you want to make sure your skin stays pretty for decades to come, leading a healthier lifestyle from now on will pay dividends.

More than just having flawless skin, there are also many health benefits to being quite particular on skin health. Here are some of the benefits your skin offers:

Acts as a natural filter from the outside world

Our skin is the body's main defense line against external substances or microorganisms that could harm tissue, muscles, and organs. It acts as a form of barrier or filter that only lets through what the body needs and tries to trap or prevent anything that can harm it.

The stronger the structure of our skin, the fewer external elements can penetrate it. It will also help prevent the skin from developing irritations, breakouts, and being too sensitive to pollutants or UV rays.

Helps you adapt to changing climate or seasons

The skin regulates its own moisture through sweating or by reducing the amount of moisture that evaporates. This also helps the body regulate our temperature and prevents us from feeling too hot or too cold when the seasons change or when there's an abrupt change in room temperature, i.e. when you enter an air-conditioned office, and it's summer temperatures outside.

Resists signs of aging

Healthy skin is more resistant to the different signs of aging, such as wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin. When your skin always has all the nutrients it needs for optimum skin recovery and maintenance, it will take longer before you start looking your age.

Can help heal wounds faster

No matter how careful we are, we're bound to bump into objects or accidentally scrape or cut ourselves at some point. Depending on how bad the bump or cut is, our skin would display signs of bruising or bleed a bit, and how fast our skin returns to normal is highly dependent on how healthy it is in the first place.

If your skin receives a lot of care from inside and out, then any marks left by injury should vanish in no time. Likewise, poorly maintained skin would not only take longer to heal, but it could also leave scars or bad-looking marks.

Lowers stress levels

No one wants to look in the mirror and see spots, blemishes, and pimples all over their face or body.

While having a good personality counts more than good looks, we can't help but feel stressed when our skin is breaking out. This can cause a decline in self-esteem and self-confidence. Making sure our skin is in its best shape all the time can not only reduce stress but also give us more confidence!

Quality Supplements for Optimal Skin Health

Diet, exercise, and sleep are all the pillars of skin health and more, but you can also build another pillar to truly guarantee healthy skin, and that's by taking supplements designed to keep your skin glowing and beautiful from the inside.

For that, we recommend the following supplements, a complete package of products formulated with optimal skin health in mind.


Powered by polyphenols extracted from lychee and green tea, Oligonol improves blood flow, which helps nutrients get to where they need to faster, like our skin. Not only that, but proper blood circulation can also help reduce brown spots and wrinkles.


Not all microorganisms are bad for us. Some are quite beneficial for our skin, like the one we put in Exequel. Exequel contains L. acidophilus or simply L-92, a strain that can support a faster immune-response rate against microorganisms that can cause acne. It can also help with sensitive or dry skin.*


Always have your beauty sleep with Melatonin-SR. Our product is formulated with a sustained-release of melatonin for up to 7 hours - which is enough for you to get the beauty sleep you deserve. *


Having a flawless complexion is more than just looking pretty; truly flawless skin is also healthy skin. Having healthy skin not only translates to a more attractive exterior, but also helps the body maintain an optimal state of health. Make sure your skin stays beautiful from the inside and out by trying these supplements!

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