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5 Reasons You Need to Add Vitamin C to Your Supplement Routine

Adding vitamin C to your supplement routine will boost your health in many ways. Enjoy better immunity, health protection, and more by taking our high-quality vitamin C supplement!*

Key Takeaways:

  • You should add vitamin C to your supplement routine to protect your health 
  • Taking high-quality vitamin C supplements boosts immunity and detoxification while reducing oxidative stress*
  • You should take Advasorb® Vitamin C to defend against cold-weather health threats and free radical damage* 

Pick up a bottle of Advasorb® Vitamin C today to detox and support your immune system!*

Table of Contents:

  • Vitamin C Protects Against Circulating Health Threats*
  • Vitamin C Can Detoxify Your System*
  • Vitamin C Repairs Body Tissues*
  • Vitamin C Helps You Absorb Iron*
  • Vitamin C Supports Your Nervous System*
  • Choosing the Best Vitamin C Supplement: Advasorb® Vitamin C*
  • Boost Your Health with Advasorb® Vitamin C Today!*
  • Vitamin C Protects Against Circulating Health Threats*

  • Have you ever been told to eat citrus fruits and other vitamin C–rich foods when you are under the weather? There are good reasons for this advice. 

    Vitamin C supports your immune cell functions. When people around you have contagious health problems, your immune system needs all the help it can get!

    Additionally, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it reduces oxidative stress. 

    This effect is important when your immune system first starts defending against a threat. Reducing oxidative stress can prevent you from falling under the weather yourself. 

    Moderate amounts of vitamin C are naturally present in oranges, lemons, limes, and some vegetables. But to reap the full health benefits of vitamin C, you should add a supplement to your routine.* 

    In the wintertime, vitamin C is especially important. Add vitamin C to your supplement routine to give your immune system a boost against circulating health threats.* 

  • Vitamin C Can Detoxify Your System*

  • You are constantly exposed to toxins in your environment, whether these toxins come from chemicals in the air or your lifestyle choices. 

    Toxins can build up in your system and cause health problems later in life. Harmful chemicals, like tobacco smoke and heavy metals, put your body through oxidative stress and cause premature aging. 

    Vitamin C has detoxifying properties that cleanse your system of harmful chemicals while reducing oxidative stress.* This helps your body stay clean and function at its best all year long.*

    You can skip juice cleanses and other detox trends if you take a high-quality vitamin C supplement daily.* 

  • Vitamin C Repairs Body Tissues*

  • It’s important to get enough vitamin C so that your body can repair itself when you feel under the weather for any reason.* 

    Vitamin C helps your body generate new connective tissues like collagen, which are essential for wound healing and tissue repair.* When you take a high-quality vitamin C supplement, your body may bounce back from damage more efficiently.* 

    This important vitamin also adds strength and structural support to collagen, making it more flexible and less sensitive to impact.* 

  • Vitamin C Helps You Absorb Iron*

  • Iron is an essential nutrient that transports oxygen and red blood cells throughout your body. Low iron levels can cause many different health problems. 

    Vitamin C increases iron absorption by converting certain iron molecules into more bioavailable forms.* This allows your body to more easily take in and use the iron that you consume through your diet.

    If you take vitamin C to improve your iron levels, you may experience:

    • More mental clarity and focus*
    • Better immunity*
    • More energy*
    • Better athletic performance*
    • Stronger nails*
    • Better blood oxygen levels*

    These are all important factors in your general health and well-being. 

    Make the most out of the iron that you consume by pairing it with a high-quality vitamin C supplement from Quality of Life!*

  • Vitamin C Supports Your Nervous System*

  • Vitamin C is important in the regeneration of damaged nerve tissues.* 

    Specifically, vitamin C supports your peripheral nervous system, which includes all of the nerves besides your brain and spinal cord.* You need these to walk, move around, and perform daily tasks.

    When your nervous system experiences stress or injury, it can impact the protective coatings that surround your nerves. These are called myelin sheaths. 

    Vitamin C may play a role in building myelin sheaths back up and strengthening them for optimal nerve function.* This process is called remyelination, and it is extremely important for nervous system function.

    Choosing the Best Vitamin C Supplement: Advasorb® Vitamin C*

    Advasorb® Vitamin C is back and better than ever! We have reformulated this supplement to offer more health benefits and stronger immune support.* 

    There are thousands of vitamin C products on the market. How do you know which one to choose?


    You should always consider bioavailability when choosing your supplements. Bioavailability describes how easily a supplement can be absorbed into and used by your system. 

    Most vitamin C supplements contain vitamin C from ascorbic acid. The acidity of this compound can interfere with its absorption within your digestive system.

    We have formulated Advasorb® Vitamin C with PureWay-C®, a better-absorbed and more effective form of vitamin C.* 

    PureWay-C® is a buffered form of vitamin C, which means that it is less sensitive to chemical changes in your body.* This allows the vitamin to be absorbed and used more efficiently without causing digestive irritation.* 

    Advasorb® Vitamin C also contains black pepper extract, which increases the bioavailability of the health supplements you take.* 

    Additional Ingredients

    You should always check to see if vitamin C is the only ingredient in your supplement. If it is, the chances are high that you are missing out on many potential health benefits. 

    Advasorb® Vitamin C contains milk thistle extract.* This compound supports your liver’s detoxification process and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.* 

    Milk thistle extract also reduces oxidative stress, which is caused by free radical damage in your body.* Increased oxidative stress can prematurely age your body and interfere with your health.

    Additionally, milk thistle extract works with vitamin C to remove toxins like heavy metals and other environmental pollutants from your system.* When you take Advasorb® Vitamin C, you get the full detoxification and purifying benefits of vitamin C.* 

    Boost Your Health with Advasorb® Vitamin C Today!*

    At Quality of Life, we are dedicated to providing high-quality health supplements for you and your family. If you want to enjoy all of these amazing health benefits, pick up your bottle of Advasorb® Vitamin C today!*

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