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5 Reasons Your Immune System Needs AHCC®

Your immune system keeps your entire body healthy and strong. You can support your immune system with AHCC®, an ingredient that boosts your immune power and function.* 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the five reasons your immune system needs AHCC® for optimal health* 
  • Discover how AHCC® boosts your health by interacting with important immune cells* 
  • Explore your AHCC® supplement options from Quality of Life to improve your immunity

Pick up a bottle of one of our AHCC® supplements to stay healthy all year long!*

Table of Contents:

  • What Is AHCC®?
  • AHCC® Boosts Natural Killer Cell Activity*
  • AHCC® Maintains Peak T-Cell Activity*
  • AHCC® Is Backed by Research*
  • AHCC® Promotes Cell Health Throughout Your Body*
  • AHCC® Promotes Optimal Macrophage Activity*
  • Choose from Our AHCC® Supplements to Stay Healthy Year-Round*

What Is AHCC®?

AHCC® is a patented blend of mycelia. These medicinal mushroom roots have many healing and immune-boosting qualities.* 

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for thousands of years throughout the world to promote healing, wound regeneration, and immune health.

It makes sense that AHCC® is so effective at boosting immune health.* Concentrating medicinal mushroom roots makes the healing qualities much stronger.

We offer three AHCC® supplements: 

Depending on your health needs, you may benefit from choosing a particular AHCC® supplement.*

AHCC® Gold contains 500 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule.* This is our starter-level AHCC® supplement to give your immune system everyday support.*

AHCC® Platinum contains 750 milligrams of AHCC® per capsule.* If you need advanced immune support or have been using AHCC® Gold for a while, this is the supplement for you.* 

AHCC® Rx is our concentrated extra-strength AHCC® supplement.* One 300-milligram softgel is equivalent to one 500-milligram capsule of regular AHCC®.

Many people enjoy AHCC® Rx because the softgels are easier to swallow and provide daily immune system support.* If you are frequently around health threats or have trouble swallowing capsules, pick up a bottle of AHCC® Rx!

There are many reasons your immune system needs AHCC® for support and maintenance.* Here are the top five reasons you should pick up an AHCC® supplement today. 

  • AHCC® Boosts Natural Killer Cell Activity*

  • Natural killer cells are the defensive immune cells that remove health threats for good. These cells are responsible for eliminating particles that pose a threat to your body. 

    When you are exposed to a health threat, other immune cells bring threatening materials to natural killer cells. Your natural killer cells secrete compounds that trigger cell death in the harmful particles.

    AHCC® has been shown to keep natural killer cells operating at peak levels.* Taking this supplement could help you maintain a strong defense against potential health threats in your system.

  • AHCC® Maintains Peak T-Cell Activity*

  • T-cells are like security guards for your immune system. When your body identifies a specific health threat, T-cells remember it and can recognize it in the future.

    These immune cells attach to specific health threats and help other immune cells neutralize the threats. AHCC® helps your immune system maintain peak T-cell activity.* 

    What does this mean? AHCC® helps keep plenty of T-cells circulating in your system to watch for returning health threats and aid in their destruction.* 

    If you have suffered from specific circulating health threats before, you can avoid them. Your T-cells will be primed and ready for action when you take AHCC® regularly.* 

  • AHCC® Is Backed by Research*

  • It feels like there is a new immune booster product that hits the shelves every day. Unlike these unproven supplements, AHCC® is backed by science and clinical studies.* 

    Over 30 human clinical trials have demonstrated positive immune health results when participants took AHCC® regularly.* 

    Some of the largest research institutions in the world have dedicated studies to AHCC®.* The immune-boosting properties of this compound have led it to be used in over 1,000 clinics globally.* 

    You don’t have to dedicate time and money to unproven immune-boosting products. With AHCC®, you can read the research for yourself and feel confident that your health is protected while taking these supplements.* 

  • AHCC® Promotes Cell Health Throughout Your Body*

  • Your immune system works throughout your entire body to keep you healthy, strong, and ready for anything. AHCC® promotes the health of various types of cells, including those in sensitive body areas.* 

    For example, the cells in your breast tissue, ovaries, prostate gland, and other hormone-sensitive areas might all benefit from AHCC®.* These are typically hard-to-reach cells that do not respond to most compounds.

    With AHCC®, you can rest assured that the most vulnerable parts of your immune system are covered.* AHCC® gives your immune cells the power to function properly and stay regulated in various health conditions.* 

    We formulate each AHCC® supplement with therapeutic doses of this ingredient.* That means that even our lowest-level AHCC® supplement, AHCC® Gold, still provides enough of an immune boost to support your overall health.* 

  • AHCC® Promotes Optimal Macrophage Activity*

  • Macrophages are part of your immune system’s cleaning crew. They are responsible for breaking down and removing dangerous or discarded materials. 

    Many of your immune system’s mechanisms rely on having a clean environment throughout your body. 

    Macrophages engulf and break down unused cell parts, foreign particles, and other waste material. They also stop dangerous cells from spreading throughout your system. 

    In many chronic health conditions, harmful cells rapidly reproduce, causing your immune system to become overwhelmed. Your immune system relies on macrophages to regulate and destroy these harmful particles. 

    With the help of macrophages, your body is able to suppress these dangerous cells and keep you healthy. 

    AHCC® regulates macrophage activity and helps keep your immune system clean.* With fewer waste particles floating around, your immune system can function more efficiently.

    Choose from Our AHCC® Supplements to Stay Healthy Year-Round*

    You can choose which of our three AHCC® supplements would best meet your immune health needs.* If you struggle with frequent health threats, we recommend choosing a stronger AHCC® supplement, like AHCC® Rx.*

    Do you want to beat circulating health threats all year long? Pick up one of our AHCC® supplements today!

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