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5 Tips to Prepare for a virtual 5k: Turkey Trotting in 2020


The year 2020 hasn't exactly been like any year we've seen. Because of how different 2020 is compared to years before, there have been many disruptions with regards to how events are held. However, people do find ways to celebrate regardless. Let's face it, the last event we're going to cancel is either Christmas or Thanksgiving, but only one of them involves a turkey.

For most people, Thanksgiving is about inviting relatives from some of the most far-flung places in the country (or cities, depending on the traffic). For some of us who are more about trying to stay in shape, we greet this annual event with a good old-fashioned Turkey Trot.

Like everything else this year, it looks like our Turkey Trot would have to be virtual, but it doesn't mean it would be easier. The only difference between a virtual race and running outside is that no one would give us weird looks for running at 5 am.

Virtual or not, here are five tips to make sure you run your best Turkey Trot:

Proper Fueling

Even if the race is just a 5k, it's always a good idea to make sure your body has something to burn along the way, which means eating the right kind of foods before race day. Don't eat anything high in fiber because there are a lot of times when fiber not only makes the tummy heavy when you run, but it can also make you do an unexpected search for the nearest restroom - and this can ruin your entire race.

Electrolytes and liquids

The last thing you want to feel during a race is dehydration. Dehydration happens when the body has used up all water stores, and it's unable to store a new batch. Being dehydrated doesn't mean you didn't drink enough water; that's just ONE of the many possible reasons. In fact, dehydration can also be described as when the body is unable to use the water you drank, and this can be due to a lack of electrolytes.

Electrolytes act like transporters that the body uses to carry water molecules into our organs and muscles. Without electrolytes, it wouldn't matter how much water you drink because the body won't be able to use them.

Most runners have their fair share of electrolytes from the food they eat, but in case you need an extra hand, you can simply add ¼ teaspoon of salt to about two glasses of water before you run. Or you can just buy a sports drink.

Wear the right gear

This mostly applies to those who will do the Turkey Trot outside or around their neighborhood. We are in the colder months, so it would really help to layer up beyond the usual running jerseys and leggings. The shoes you wear have to also be the right fit for your feet, or you may end up with running blisters or even stumble.

Sleep well

No one wants to wake up at 5 am after sleeping just three hours. That's a recipe for disaster for your Turkey Trot. Get ahead on your race by sleeping a full 7 or 8 hours. Not only will you feel good after waking up, but it will also let your body perform at optimal conditions.

Optional: Take supplements

The right kind of supplements can help you run better and feel good on the road or a treadmill. One of these is Oligonol, a product that can improve blood circulation thanks to its blood-vessel relaxing properties. When you improve blood circulation, your body's ability to transport nutrients is better and more efficient, leading to a higher level of performance.


There are many new ways to participate in annual events in 2020, and one of the most unique and fun among them is the Turkey Trot. Make sure to fuel up, hydrate, wear the right gear, and sleep as long as possible before race day for a good finish. Top it all off with Oligonol, a supplement with ingredients that can help improve physical performance.

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