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5 Unique Things to Do With Pumpkins This Fall Season

As you enter the beginning of the fall season and say goodbye to the warm summer months and fun in the sun, it's time to get into the swing of falling leaves and chillier weather again! Who is ready for some new adventures and activities?

Chances are that you're already beginning to see pumpkins being sold at your local markets. Pumpkin patches and corn mazes are set to open soon (maybe they are already in your area!). Freshly made apple cider is being sold once again, and you can find pumpkin spice on the menu everywhere.

But when it comes to fall, you can't forget about the pumpkins. Pumpkins are a significant part of autumn festivities. They're colorful, versatile, and they even taste great! You can make pumpkin pies, bread, and even drinks!

Do you need some new ideas for these round, multi-purpose gourds? With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, pumpkins can easily be incorporated into all of your fall holidays and activities.

So what can you do with pumpkins this year? Here are five fun things for you and your family to do this season!

1.  Bake Delicious Pumpkin Treats Nothing says fall like baking pumpkins for a pie! You can find simple, easy recipes online or use your family's favorite recipe.

Top your pie with candied pecans and fresh whipped cream for a real treat, or serve slices with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Try using a fresh pie pumpkin to make the experience even more exciting. If there are kids in your family, you can even recruit them as your helpers. Experiment with various fall flavors, such as cinnamon, vanilla, or clove.

Pumpkins can also make yummy treats like pumpkin bread, cookies, puddings, and mousse. You can even make pumpkin muffins, cakes, and brownies. Pumpkin pie filling can easily be added to your favorite cake mixes to create moist, delicious blends.

Want an easy way to add pumpkin to your everyday? Add a few drops of a pumpkin spice extract into your coffee. It will smell amazing and deliver another hint of that unique seasonal flavor you crave all year long.

The great thing about making pumpkin treats is that they're not only tasty, but they're pretty healthy, too.

2. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Maybe pumpkin pie isn't your favorite — that's okay! Pumpkin patches can be fun for everyone in the family.

Whether you're looking to buy pumpkins for decoration, hay bales, gourds, or corn stalks, there's most likely a pumpkin patch near you that will have what you need.

As you head out to your pumpkin patch adventure, make sure to take your camera with you! With a bright, colorful background, you can take family pictures out at the pumpkin patch or let your kids show off their favorite picks.

3. Paint Pumpkins

Pumpkins are also great for painting. Their rounded, smooth, and slightly ribbed surface make them an excellent choice for crafting cool designs.

Stock up on different paints and get creative for a fun, artistic time. You can use puff paints for a little extra texture, acrylic paints for full coverage, or glow-in-the-dark paint for a spooky surprise.

Pumpkins don't have to be painted in any single manner. Try painting a basketball or even a robot on a pumpkin using metallic paint.

Pregnancy and engagement announcements can be painted on pumpkins as cute, festive messages shared with friends and family.

Once you're finished, your painted pumpkins can be displayed in your front yard, by your doorstep, or even in your home as festive decor.

4. Carve Pumpkins

For most people, pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween! They're easy to carve and they create beautiful candlelit displays during October each year.

Instead of buying plastic carved pumpkins this year, get together with your loved ones and carve crazy designs into pumpkins. Once you're done, you can put candles inside, creating a soft glow and showing off your crafty creations.

If you have smaller pumpkins, try carving two small holes into the sides of your pumping and attaching a piece of rope or braided yarn. By creating a handle, you can bring your carved pumpkin with you on Halloween night. All you'll need is a tealight to brighten things up a bit.

The best part about carving pumpkins is that you can make jack-o-lanterns in all shapes, sizes, and characters. Carve pumpkins into your favorite cartoon character, your favorite flower, or your initials for a personal touch.

5. Use Pumpkins as Home Decor

Pumpkins aren't just for carving and baking. They're for home decoration, too! You can use pumpkins in so many ways during fall. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, consider using pumpkins to add a festive flair to your home.

Use small orange and white pumpkins to create a centerpiece for your dining room table. Add some greenery, acorns, and pinecones to set the autumn scene.

You can even place small pumpkins into a large glass vase as a statement piece for your side table or kitchen island.

If you love glitter and shine, you can try bedazzling your pumpkins and place them on your coffee table with scented candles or fairy lights as decoration.

Pumpkins can add a pop of color that can transform your living space into a spectacular autumn display. With bright, vibrant oranges and soft creamy hues to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless!

Making the Most of the Autumn Season

However you decide to use pumpkins this year, make sure that you have lots of fun while doing it.

Whether you're spending time with your loved ones picking out individual pumpkins at the pumpkin patch or baking tasty treats like pies and loaves, you're sure to have a great time with these pumpkin activities!

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