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5 Ways To Spend The Last 40 Days of Summer

This may come as good news to you, or somber, based on your seasonal preference, but we're officially in the final stretch of summer. With roughly 40 days left, now's the time to do all the activities you have been holding off. Need some inspiration? We created a list of family-friendly activities to make the most of the end of summer.

But don’t worry at Quality of Life, we consider friends as 'family you choose' - so no matter what your situation may be, you can participate in the five things.

Read on to get our quick list of fun bonding activities that appeal to multi-generations!

Bake or Cook Something Together

Hold an 'elevated-potluck' the Quality-of-Life way! Have everyone choose their favorite recipe, bring the ingredients, and have everyone cook the dishes together. Then once everything is prepared, sit down for a well-earned dinner party. This is an excellent way for friends and families to share their favorite recipes and even teach each other different skills in the kitchen!

For dishes, think pasta, homemade pizza, dips, maybe a brownie, or dessert - the possibilities are endless, and the aspect of surprise adds some excitement to this activity.

Need a good recipe? Check out our favorite healthy milk chocolate recipes.

Do Some Gardening Together

Typically, gardening is considered a chore. But it doesn't have to be that way. Play some music, prepare snacks, and choose beautiful flowers, plants, fruits, or vegetables to plant.

Gardening is a great multi-generational activity. Mowing the lawn used to be a standard weekend chore for kids, but now, it has become less common. Kids nowadays are spending more time inside on their devices. Many of them have not learned gardening and landscaping skills - this is a great way to teach them something new, in a fun way!

Are you holding an adult-only gardening party? Spice it up with some adult beverages!

Host a Field Day

Field Days are a fun way to spend time together and add more physical activity to your week. Grab some potato sacks, pillowcases, and maybe an egg and spoon. You can even do the old three-legged race! If you’re thinking this is too childish, give it a try anyways - sometimes light hearted fun can be the best medicine for your soul. 

Backyard Camping

One of the best 'summer exclusive' ways to spend time with your family or friends is by camping. You don't have to travel far; set up a camping site in your own backyard. Plan games, build a fire-pit and prepare snacks. Young or old, your crowd will surely have a great time. Most importantly - don't forget the s'mores!

A Simple Movie Night

When in doubt, a simple or elevated movie night is something that anyone can enjoy. Set up a screen outdoors or have everyone pile on your couch. There are many ways you can make a movie night exciting. Prepare popcorn, candy, and other traditional theater snacks. Have the group nominate and vote on different movie choices.


Summer is winding down, and now is the perfect time to make some final summer memories. Life has a way of speeding up in the fall, with work and school picking- up again; that's why it's so important to make time for friend and family bonding now.

Need inspiration? Take our advice; cook or bake together, throw a gardening party, backyard camping, or a simple movie night - these appeal to multi-generations and are the perfect way to enjoy the last 40 days of summer!

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