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5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season!

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The holidays are a great time to spend with family, share what you’re most grateful for, and give back. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than warming the hearts of those who need it most. So this season spread some holiday cheer by giving back to those who need it most – especially during this time of year.

Check out these 5 ways you can give back and bring a smile to people’s faces:

Pick up the phone and call. Thanks to technology making a donation is now quick and easy. Call or text a charity of your choice and donate or go online and make a donation – it’s that easy!

Buy some extra cans. Next time you make a trip to the grocery store make sure to pick up some extra cans of soup, or other canned foods. Many canned foods are usually less than a dollar and there are usually many good deals grocery stores offer. Gather a box of cans and head to your local food bank to donate. Take it a step further and encourage your coworkers, classmates, friends, and family to start a can drive – all you’ll need is a box and to spread the word. 

Clean out your closet. We’ve heard of spring cleaning but how about you start a new ritual, holiday cleaning? Get the family together and have everyone clean out their closets. Instead of tossing items of clothing you no longer need or use, donate them! Collect everything, box it all up, and head to your local Goodwill store or Salvation Army. Just make sure the drop-off bin is for charitable purposes.

Volunteer at a shelter. Money isn’t the only thing you can donate this holiday season – donate some time. As we all know time is valuable and what other way to give back than donating some of your time to volunteer work. Help with food prep and meal service – this is a great way to get the whole family involved.

Donate to Toys for Tots. The holidays are a perfect time to show your kids the importance of giving back. This weekend head over to your nearest mall or department store and have your kids pick out one toy to donate to Toys for Tots. This will teach kids the importance of giving back while spreading holiday cheer.

This holiday season make sure to spread the holiday cheer and give back to those who need it most. After all the holidays are a time to be thankful and to give back!

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