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5 Ways You Can Improve Yourself During Self-Improvement Month

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September is National Self-Improvement Month, which means this month should be treated as an opportunity to better yourself either for personal or professional reasons. This month could also be one of the most significant months to improve, given our current situation this 2020.

And don’t worry; the kind of improvements you can do don’t have to be complicated or overachieving. What matters is taking some baby steps to improve your life or help maintain a pleasant and stress-free pace for the long term.

To help you get started, we came up with a list of 5 of the best things you can do this Self Improvement Month.

Choose healthier food

We’ve all heard it, and there’s a good chance you’ve been told by other people how important it is to eat high quality, whole foods for your health. It’s no secret that eating healthy foods can lead to long term health, but it’s not exactly something you can do in just 30 days.

You can technically, but an abrupt change in diet requires an abrupt change in the way you perceive food - and being abrupt this National Self Improvement Month can be counterintuitive.

You don’t have to suddenly throw out everything inside your fridge and follow a keto or vegan diet. The best way to transition into a healthier diet is by simply being conscious of what you eat and telling yourself out loud what you should eat when you’re hungry or just craving. This way, you can actually hear the control you want to establish.

Notable healthy food apps to try:

  • Nutrients (Apple)
  • MyFitnessPal (Android, Apple)
  • Calorie Counter (Android, Apple)

Learn a new skill or language

Depending on what type of skill or language you want to learn, 30 days can be long enough to get a certain level of mastery, even if it’s just the basics.

Maybe you want to be the part-time chef of your home, or you no longer want to rely on plumbers or electricians to fix simple stuff for you. It could even be as simple as learning how to take care of your garden better.

For languages, a good level of mastery will definitely take longer than 30 days, but if you use some apps along the way, you should get a good grip of how a language works in one month.

One app we recommend is Anki (Android and Apple). Anki is a flashcard type of app that helps you learn how to speak a foreign language as if you’re actually conversing with an actual language teacher. From European languages all the way to Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, this app will have you speaking short yet key phrases with locals in 30 days.

Get into a hobby

Have you ever wondered if you were still good at playing an instrument or completing puzzles? Maybe it’s time you get back to having a fit body?

Hobbies often take a backseat once adult responsibilities like paying the bills come into play, but try to get at least one of them back for the next 30 days, and you might realize just how much free time you actually have.

Become someone’s mentor or coach

Video chatting and coaching are all the craze this 2020, and if you have the experience or the credentials to elevate a novice’s game, then you should definitely try being an online coach.

You can advertise your skills as a freelancer or simply help a relative or friend become better at something, you’re an expert in.

Upgrade your professional skills

We’re all basically working from home at this point, so we might as well try to get ahead in our profession by taking on new types of projects or getting certified as an expert in one or skills.

Coming out of Self Improvement Month with more tools under your belt will make you an attractive prospect, whether you’re an employee or a freelancer.

These are just five of some of the amazing things you can do this Self-Improvement Month. You are free to take them all on if you’re up for a challenge, or simply stick with one for now to maximize focus. Regardless of how many skills or ways you want to improve this month, what matters is you take them with you beyond these 30 days and try to build on them in the future.

Who knows? Maybe a year from now, even if you started with baby steps, you start something this month that would positively affect your career or personal trajectory.

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