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6 Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day!


Tuesday, May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Day! This event is held to honor and appreciate teachers for their hard work and contribution to education and the lives of students. Teachers not only educate students but they also make a huge impact on the lives of children and assist in the shaping of a child’s future.

This Teacher Appreciation Day make sure to show your thankfulness – check out these 7 gift ideas: 

  1. Personalized tote bag. Adding a personalized touch to any item always makes a gift extra special. Tote bags are perfect for carrying around snacks and notebooks.
  2. Desk plants. Bring the May flowers to the classroom with a desk plant. Have your child decorate a flower pot and personalize it, then add your favorite plant inside. This is a fun DIY project and makes a great gift.
  3. Desk organizers. Teachers have a lot going on – exams to grade, papers to review, and meetings to attend. Things can get pretty hectic but what better way to stay on top of things than getting organized. Desk calendars and file sorters are great organization gifts.
  4. Spa essentials. It can be hard running a classroom all day – what better way to de-stress than with an at home spa day. Put together a spa essentials gift basket and include bath salts, candles, and body washes.
  5. Summer relaxation bucket. Summer break is approaching and what better way to get excited than by receiving a summer relaxation bucket – this is a fun DIY gift idea. Have you or your child decorate a beach bucket and fill it up with summer relaxation essentials such as: magazines, sunscreen, sunglasses, and headphones.
  6. Healthy gift basket. As a teacher you always want your health to be at its best. Stuffing a basket with some supplements, healthy snacks, and a health book is a great way to show you care about their health and wellness.

Celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Day is a great way to show teachers how thankful you are for their hard work all year round.

Make sure to comment below and let us know how you celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day.  

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