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6 Tips To Make Thanksgiving 2020 Safe and Memorable

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For many people, Thanksgiving can be either the one event to celebrate before it's officially the Holidays or the night to camp outside of a store to fall in line for Black Friday. However, Thanksgiving will always be a symbol of getting the people you know and love together not just for a bountiful feast consisting of turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes, but to also have a warm time together, hearing what everyone is thankful for this year.

This 2020, it's tough to say that celebrating Thanksgiving would be close to how we celebrated it years prior. Yes, we may not have as busy a Holiday season after. Yes, the usual "crowds" during Black Friday Sales may not actually happen (which is possibly a good thing when you think about it). However, with the way 2020 turned out for everyone globally, we all have more things to be thankful for.

We made a list of the 5 things you can do to ensure your Thanksgiving 2020 remains safe and warm.

Consider celebrating outdoors

The biggest concern is having a large group of people inside an enclosed space. Rather, to have a room without any form of real ventilation. While eating outdoors may defeat the purpose of having a warm dinner, the natural ventilation will make sure anything that comes out of someone's mouth won't be making rounds inside a small room full of friends and family.

Just have more room to spare

If you really have to celebrate inside, consider extending the dining room table, or have dinner in a bigger space. Many houses connect their dining area with the living room, so maybe half the guests will be in one room and the second half in the other. The same concept as #1, but this can limit the number of attendees if you want to be extra safe.

Have everyone bring a Thanksgiving-themed face mask

Wearing a face mask is key to making sure everyone is protected at the most basic level. However, spice it up by having everyone bring their own Thanksgiving masks. Not only will it ensure everyone is safe inside your house, but it also makes for amusing and unique family photos.

Meet your other loved ones virtually

If you doubt the idea of giving everyone space during Thanksgiving - and quite frankly, it would be not easy to separate people who have been separated from other people for almost a year - you can always go virtual. Maybe you can meet some of your family members virtually, especially those who aren't able to fly into where the dinner's happening or want to play it safe too. As long as the warmth of Thanksgiving is there, no distance is too far.

Shop in less crowded stores or supermarkets

Supermarkets will be jam-packed the days before Thanksgiving, and it would be wise to keep away from the crowds as much as you can. You can do this by shopping for a few non-perishables ahead of time, so you would only need to buy the actual food when you go out during Thanksgiving week, cutting your grocery time by a good amount. This will limit exposure to strangers (who may not be conducting proper safety measures) and prevent your guests from getting anything unexpected.

Sanitize the hands and the table

The best way to make sure everyone remains healthy and safe for Thanksgiving is to encourage hand sanitizing. Make an alcohol bottle available for use near your door, and tell everyone ahead of time to sanitize upon entry. It would be a great step for the host to make sure the chairs and tables are sanitized either by wiping a disinfectant or using a disinfectant spray.


2020 is almost done, and we've only seen a few hints of normalcy. Many events have been more or less canceled or modified to fit with the 2020 theme of "social distancing," and it also affects Thanksgiving. However, just because this year's Thanksgiving would be different doesn't mean it would be a lot less warm. Take our advice, and hopefully, your Thanksgiving 2020 will feel as warm as ever.

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