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7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong All Summer

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The summer season is widely recognized by the medical community as the best season for our immune system. However, we could unwittingly wreak havoc to our immune system during the summer months with our daily activities.

Going in and out of air-conditioned spaces into the heat of the outdoors; The exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses when we travel to new places, and the changes in pace on your stress levels when you take a summer vacation most often than not, have a harsh impact on our immune system.   

The good news is that with self-care and prevention, you can keep your immune system at its healthiest no matter the season! Here’s how:

 1. Rest Up!

Allow your body to replenish and recharge with sleep. When you skimp on sleep it slowly impacts your body’s equilibrium. The Centers for Disease Control Prevention recommend at least seven hours or more of sleep every night for adults.

 2. Stay Hydrated

When your body is properly hydrated your body is able to use its various fluids to natural remove waste byproducts and maintain bodily processes, including transport of nutrient and oxygen to cells. In this way, water naturally supports your immune system.

 3. Work Out

Physical activity, especially when it involves nature, helps boost your immune system. Not to mention that it helps us improve our heart health and bone strength as well as promote a better mood and sleep. Move your body and reap the natural benefits.

 4. Eat the Rainbow

When you eat a variety of fruits and vegetables from each spectrum of color, your body receives phytochemicals that provide your body with nutrients to keep us healthy. Some of these vitamins and minerals are essential because we need to keep our bodies can’t produce them on its own. From herbs such as turmeric, oregano, and cayenne as well as foods such as mushroom and garlic have been shown to boost immune system. Your body relies on a nutrient-rich diet to maintain optimal health.

5. Get Frisky

Did you know that people who are sexually active are less likely to take sick days from work? According to a study undertaken by the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, people who had sex once or twice a week had greater defenses against germs and viruses due to higher levels of certain antibodies. In fact, even the National Health Services (NHS) states that sex is food for the heart and can help reduce stress.

 6. Wash Your Hands

It seems basic but it’s the easiest way to avoid germs. Keep hand sanitizer on hand for quick use. However, be warned that hand sanitizer isn’t a cure-all. In fact, alcohol-based hand sanitizers aren’t effective against certain categories of pathogens, including noroviruses and C. difficile. What’s best is using soap and water to wash your hands 20 seconds and drying it thoroughly.

7. Take Supplements Daily

 While the summer months offer the Vitamin D we need for a healthy immune system; experts say that people under stress who take Vitamin C are less likely to contract viral infections. Taking  supplements like QOL’s Advasorb Vitamin C, which helps amplify your body’s ability to better absorb Vitamin C or Immuno Complex, that has a unique formula with some of the world’s most-researched immune health ingredients, including:  AHCC® and AP-Bio™ Andrographis in addition to vitamins and minerals that are frequently deficient in our everyday diet - such as highly absorbable forms of vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc.

Keep your immune system strong all summer and feel your best no matter the season with these simple steps!


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