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7 Not So Scary Facts About Your Breasts!


Ladies! It’s October and I’m sure many of us have already started to see a lot of posts about breast health. Stats and facts on the importance of breast health are constantly shared all over social media this month – and we are all for it, after all breast health is very important.

However, today we want to shine a light on some random but also not so scary facts about breasts. Some of these facts might answer some of your existing questions. Check out these 7 things you should know about your boobies!

  1. Having symmetrical breasts is not uncommon. If you ever wondered if one of your breast was bigger than the other, you are completely right. To be specific your left breast is usually about one fifth larger than the other.
  2. Smoking contributes to breast sagging. Your skin produces a protein called elastin that helps skin elasticity and helps the skin stretch without tearing. The carcinogens in cigarettes actually break down elastin thus causing your breasts to sag.
  3. Most women wear the wrong bra size. Data has shown that 85% of women continue to wear the wrong bra size – which could also lead to sagging. When you have some time make sure to measure yourself for the correct bra size.
  4. Your breasts are made with more than just fat. Breasts are more than just fat, they are a system of glands and ducts. Underneath each breast is muscle, as well as fibrous tissue that separates it from your ribs. However, breasts do in part turn into fat when you reach a certain age.
  5. Your breast shape can change depending on how you sleep. The way you lay when you sleep can actually change your breast shape! If you sleep facing downward or on your side, your breasts may change shape over a long period of time. Sleeping on your stomach can be pretty bad for your breasts because they are pressed against your mattress for hours, and sleeping on your side causes their ligaments to stretch over time. Two of the best sleeping positions for your breasts and of most recommended are to sleep on your side with a pillow under them for support, or to sleep on your back.
  6. Breast size is in fact hereditary. Like many qualities you have, mostly likely you inherited them from your parents. The chances of you inheriting your mother’s breasts are just as equal as you inheriting them from your father’s genes.
  7. The breastfeeding rate is on the rise. According to some statistics from the CDC, breastfeeding is increasing an average of 2 percent every year. Specifically in western states such as Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California. Many mothers in these states are also nursing for the longest time when compared to other states in the U.S.

We hope that some of these facts have answered some of your long term breast health questions. There’s usually an explanation for everything your body does – but of course if something seems off we always encourage you to see a physician.

Make sure to stay tuned for more blogs on breast health this month!

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