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A Stronger Immune System With AHCC® Supplements


Although 2020 has brought with it one of the biggest public health issues we've seen in a while, the one silver lining is that people are taking their immunological health more seriously.

Since the global pandemic began affecting daily life so dramatically, interest in more effective ways to protect healthy immune system function skyrocketed. So, if you are one of the many looking to get more proactive about your immune health, you have come to the right place.

For centuries, mushrooms have been a staple in the diet of many cultures. So, when it comes to supplements based on mushroom extracts, you can rest assured that mushrooms are a well-known, widely-recognized food source that have been part of human diets for a very long time. On top of being a delicious cooking ingredient, mushrooms were also used for their perceived medicinal and healing properties. 

The most beneficial mushrooms for medicinal purposes contain what are called polysaccharides, which have been found to have positive effects on several areas that are crucial to the body's immune function. 

This vital nutrient is naturally found in mushrooms and has a molecular weight of over 200,000 daltons, which is a very high molecular weight, making it difficult for the human body to absorb this helpful compound effectively. This is why AHCC® was specifically manufactured--to synthesize the same crucial nutrients in a lower-molecular weight variety, 40 times smaller than you would find in the actual mushroom. It’s no wonder AHCC® is such a widely used and positively reviewed supplement--it's able to pack a concentrated punch of specially manufactured mushroom extract that has better chances of being utilized than its natural state.

The effects of AHCC® have been studied and researched to a great extent, and results reflect a truly wide variety of supporting roles within immune health. AHCC® has been shown to improve natural killer cell activity (NK cell activity) by up to eight-fold.* This is a significant increase. The vital T cells of immune function are also improved, showing up to a two-fold increase in prevalence after AHCC® supplements are regularly taken.* Populations of macrophages, which are immune cells responsible for "gobbling up" hostile foreign pathogens, are also significantly improved, even doubling in some cases. Cytokines, the chemical messengers that help white blood cells communicate and are key orchestrators of the immune response, also have their functional capabilities improved by AHCC®. Dendritic cells, the outer perimeter of your immune system, also appear to have their functional health improved by AHCC®. As you can see, the immunomodulatory effects of AHCC® are significant across the entire immune system.

Navigating the World Of Supplements

Supplements are not regulated the same way that your typical prescription medication is. For example, the federal government does not require that supplements undergo clinical studies or clinical trials like drugs do, leaving the industry open to exaggerated claims and phony dietary supplements that don't truly provide benefits to wellness. 

This results in a situation where a consumer has to bring a little more due diligence to the table for nutritional supplements compared to if you were going to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy that your physician prescribed. 

On that note, seeking the consult of your health care provider anytime you even start low-dose supplementation is advised so you can discuss potential adverse effects, potential benefits, and whether or not that supplement, even one as generally well-tolerated as a simple mushroom product, works with any prescription medications you currently have or other supplements you already take. 

The World’s Most Researched Specialty Immunity Supplement

Quality of Life is one supplement brand that goes above and beyond, making it easy for you to trust the authenticity behind their products. They have a state of the art laboratory, a dedicated scientific team, and quality production facilities. They are also committed to only providing supplements with dosages derived directly from studies conducted on human test subjects, not just animals. Due to lack of supplement regulation in the United States, it is exceedingly common for Americans to be taking supplements that have never even seen a laboratory for clinical studies, nevertheless in terms of calculating the proper dose for humans.

AHCC® is an exclusively trademarked supplement you can get from Quality of Life and is the most researched specialty immune supplement in the entire world. Part of this is because it has been around since the early 1980s, and another part of it is that it has far greater mainstream institutional acceptance in Japan, which is the world's third-largest economy. 

There have been over 30 human trials that have supported the use of AHCC® for various conditions,  documenting the multiple health benefits it can convey. The substance is a potent immunomodulator, and it is used in over 1,000 medical clinics across the globe. It is the top-selling immune supplement in Japan for its excellent safety profile and wide variety of benefits, and it has been used religiously by many people since its inception, with no documented adverse side effects or harmful outcomes. You can check out the References list at the end of this article to explore some of AHCC®’s most impressive clinical results for yourself.

 Quality Of Life’s Immuno Complex® Formula with AHCC® and PurWay-C

While medicinal mushrooms are certainly one of the best immune supplements you can take, it would be even better if you received them with other verified immune resistance support compounds. Oh, wait, you can! 

Quality of Life has developed a product precisely for that purpose. 

AHCC® is the star of the Immuno Complex® formula, the only formula of its kind in the world. AHCC® improves the function of your body's immune system response, which is what's responsible for fighting off pathogens and aiding your body in recovery.* 

The second big compound in the immune response may not be quite as standard, but it is a great partner to AHCC®. We’re talking about AP-Bio Andrographis Extract. This unsung hero of immunity has shown immunomodulatory cell activity support in at least eight double-blind studies with placebo controls and human subjects. 

This is a proprietary extract that is only available at Quality of Life, and is more than 50% effective than a placebo when promoting immunity. Adding this to the Immuno Complex® formula makes it even more potent than AHCC® alone. 

Additionally, the Immuno Complex® formula also features vitamins and minerals in the most highly absorbable forms available. These include vitamin D, vitamin D3, and even the mineral zinc, which can help with copper deficiencies.*

The Quality of Life Difference

Quality of Life is one of the best companies providing supplements on the market. That's because they go above and beyond the standards that the supplement industry is required to meet, primarily because they simply care about their customers getting the wellness benefits they are seeking. 

They back the efficacy of every single product they sell, even the supporting ingredients, with actual human studies. You can be confident that the dose you're taking was tested on other humans, not just mouse models. 

Quality of Life also goes out of their way to ensure safety and quality of production. Every step of the process is controlled by senior management with meticulous attention to detail, always putting the well-being of the consumer first. This is why we suggest you purchase your immunity supplements through Quality of Life. You just get a better experience.  

Other Immunity Supplements from Quality of Life

What about everyone’s favorite immunity supplement, the one everyone reaches for when they get the sniffles. We’re talking, of course, about vitamin C. 

Quality of Life can even amp up your vitamin C game. Vitamin C has tremendous power to help the human body, but it is only soluble in water. This means it is excreted from the body daily, and it can be hard to keep your levels consistent throughout the day to attain maximum benefit. 

This is why Quality of Life went out of their way to develop a better version of plain old vitamin C.

Advasorb®  by Quality of Life reaches the immune system more efficiently, delivering more effective antioxidant activity to reduce oxidative stress and damage.*

With all the supplements Quality of Life has to offer, it's definitely worth a try to help improve immune function in a world that needs it more and more each day--you won't regret it! 

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